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The Ice Cream Index of Happiness

It turns out it really is the simple things in life that do the most to uplift you’re feelings, at least if you’re British and it’s summer time. Chocolate and donating to charity give British people the most happiness per … Continue reading

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Are you a Global Citizen?

I’ve always thought the concept of patriotism and especially nationalism to be a very weird and most likely stupid and illogical idea.  It just makes no sense to me that people from any individual country can believe on whatever level … Continue reading

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You are what you live

Have you ever given pause to thought about national stereotypes and the perceptions that strangers may have of you because of where you live?   It’s hard to talk about such things without over generalising but often like many other … Continue reading

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Stupid corporate customer surveys

We all have them don’t we.  Every time we go somewhere, every time we do something, every time we visit a website we are urged to share our opinion.  Tight companies offer us nothing in return, others offer us a … Continue reading

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