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Qasr Amr – pleasure palace of the Caliphs

Qasr Amr is located on the desert road to Azraq and only a short distance from Iraq.  It is possibly the highlight of the chain of desert castles built in eastern Jordan.  It was built by Caliph Walid I around … Continue reading

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A Guided tour walk around my neighbourhood

I love to walk whenever I can and I am fortunate that I live pretty much on the last street of the huge sprawl of London. I might not have as much as I want but I do have countryside … Continue reading

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Short but sweet – Spring time is nearly here

A wonderful moment occurred on Friday 15th February at 6.32am when I was driving to work in the dark.  The sky was clear after weeks of none stop mist, rain and snow.  I knew that it was likely and my … Continue reading

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The destruction of historic Mecca by Saudi Arabia

Below is another article which I have recently written for the Muslim Academy site which is run to increase East-West understandings. If the first church of St. Paul was to be destroyed or the house of Mary, mother of Jesus, … Continue reading

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Spartacus – Legends never die

Today my blog is going to go off at a little bit of a tangent as I don’t normally mention television programmes let alone shows that are fair to say not main-stream viewing. However this week sees the return to … Continue reading

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A Soliloquy to my childhood city or a brief guide to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Though I have lived in the London area for most of my life, I still don’t really consider myself as being at home here.  No offence to anyone but home is always home and the city I consider home is … Continue reading

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Body of King Richard III found under council car park

‘Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of Kings’.  Well we could do that but the ground outside is frozen at this time of year and besides, the previous sentence refers to King Richard … Continue reading

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You think that you know Great Britain?

It easy for people who don’t live here (and even for some of us who do) to think that everything in Britain is old. We’re famous for old buildings and traditions but huge construction projects such as the London Olympics … Continue reading

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