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Halloweens of past and present (updated)

This week sees the beginning of special part of the calendar which for various historic reasons see 3 of the most important events of the calendar taking place in what would otherwise be a dark and dreary part of the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Haunted Places in the U.K.

Tomorrow I am going to re-post my Halloween post from last year as both it and my bonfire night articles are always very popular and many of my readers weren’t following me then but for today to get us into … Continue reading

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The Great Storm of Saint Jude

Like many people in southern Britain, we have spent the last 4 or 5 days waiting ominously for a great storm to arrive.  We were promised that it would be comparable to the “Hurricane” of 1987, an event I very … Continue reading

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The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share with you the legend of Spring Heeled Jack who was once infamous in Victorian times and yet is now largely forgotten. Early 19th Century London was a spooky and … Continue reading

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I’m a best selling author. No really!

I don’t normally write anything self-congratulatory but I awoke this morning to find that I am finally a best-selling author.  You might think that now I have hit the big time I may stop blogging but fear not as I … Continue reading

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Day Tour to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

Following my successful tour last week to Windsor Castle, I was delighted to be asked to take my two lovely guests from Australia to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards.  It’s not always an obvious choice at least for overseas visitors staying in … Continue reading

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My First Guided Tour: Windsor Castle

Regular readers may be aware that over the last few months I have been working on setting up my own personal and private guided tours company.  It has been a long arduous but also frequently fun road setting up a … Continue reading

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Autumn is here or why is weather in Britain so complicated

It is mid-October now but until a day or so ago, we in England were still enjoying to some degree a summer.  This despite the fact that the sun crossed the equator around 3 weeks ago. Until Tuesday, the weather … Continue reading

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My Grandfathers Clock

It’s no secret that I like travelling.  In particular I love travelling by trains and I hate travelling by planes.  I have always liked travelling by trains even when it is more practical to fly or drive by car. Train … Continue reading

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The Hidden Horrors of People Trafficking &Domestic Slavery

As regular readers to my blog will know, we open up our house on the Airbnb website and have been doing so now for more than a year.  I even wrote a Kindle book on how to create a successful … Continue reading

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