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The terrible murder of Fanny Adams which gives us a phrase we still use today.

Last I wrote about the attempted murder of Victorian Prime Minister Robert Peel that led to the concept that people suffering from extreme mental illness, may not be responsible for their acts. This was a time of great reform in … Continue reading

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The fall and rise of St Pancras Clock

Railways have become synonymous with time keeping as their successful operation is measured through following a timetable. Before the railways time was a much more local matter based on the 24hr rotation of the earth resulting in East Anglia being … Continue reading

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Did a lunatic try to kill a Prime Minister Robert Peel or was it all a cover story?

Most people know Sir Robert Peel as the man who founded the first modern police force in the world, London’s Metropolitan Police.  It must have been a good move as he went on to become Prime Minister, living in the … Continue reading

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My new St Albans 360 degree Virtual Video Tour

As almost everyone who reads my blog must know, I’m in my 16th month of no tour work or any government support whatsoever so during the winter I started creating video tours in and around London. Virtual Video Tours They … Continue reading

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Micky Davies – the little man with the heart of a giant

Michael (Mickey) Victor Davies (sometimes mentioned as Davis) was born in Stepney in East London on the 22nd April, 1910. Sadly as a result of some sort of spinal defect, he only grew to the height of 4 feet 6 inches tall … Continue reading

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67 Hopton Street – an island of antiquity in a sea of modernity

Everyone knows I like to explore all the nooks and crannies in London and find the less well known places and remnants of times past. One such old place is hidden away behind the Southbank and despite almost the whole … Continue reading

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Practical Georgian Dating Advice from ‘Black Jackie’ Johnson

You know how it is; at best you’ve been living miserably, having minimal social contact and at worst you’ve been Excluded from all help and Shielded at home alone for 16 months.   With some of freedoms tantalisingly close to … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 78 – Selling your belongings because the government has left you #ExcludedUK for 15 months

As the world continues to go back to normal for many of us, at varying degrees, I’ve just had my second Oxford vaccine on Friday 30th April and am pre-writing this post in anticipation of feeling as ill as I … Continue reading

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Stamping your mark in history

I noticed a few days ago an announcement of a new set of commemorative stamps from the Royal Mail.  I’m not one to be obsessed over stamps but the theme of these ones caught my eye as they are all … Continue reading

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