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Estate Agent Speak or House with good transport links

Almost everyone in the U.K. is obsessed by property.  Everyone under 30 dreams of owning a house that they can never afford, everyone over 60 counts their lucky stars that they grew up in the post-war boom when houses were … Continue reading

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Guess who is coming for dinner

Well I recently was tagged by my friend and blogger at Tea with a Pirate whose blog I have long enjoyed as his interests match mine so precisely with travelling tales particularly from the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Early this week I had what passes as a moment of minor success at my workplace. I managed to secure an order from a customer.  This may sound mundane and indeed it isn’t the greatest achievement ever.  However I have … Continue reading

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A chance to change a life, namely mine!

Most readers here will know that my heart isn’t really in the normal office job that I am pained to live out year after year.  I’d much rather write, run a tour or hotel business or any combination of the … Continue reading

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Armistice Day – Remembrance Sunday

Sunday sees the third, final and probably by far the most important in the triumvirate of special days in the UK autumn calendar, Armistice Day. Regular readers of my blog will know that I take an interest in visiting memorials … Continue reading

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Wiki-leaks, double standards and democracy – What have we got to preach about?

I was going to write something different today but having responded to a post on the ever excellent Tea with a Pirate regarding the Wikileaks scandal in London, Sweden and Ecuador at  I was told that perhaps it was worthy … Continue reading

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Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

The second in our group of 3 special days at this time of year is Guy Fawkes Night, now more commonly known as Bonfire Night. Not having an Independence Day or an official National Day, Guy Fawkes Night is a … Continue reading

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