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Map of world Religions

Following on from last weeks post on a map of ancient reads routes I thought I would post up this great world map which I came across last summer which displays the major religions of the world. Hopefully you can click … Continue reading

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Prince Philip and the islanders who worship him as a god.

Most people know who Prince Philip is.  He’s held in quite high esteem and perhaps even loved for his politically incorrect remarks and insults and fiery Greek temper.  However, outside of Buckingham Palace there is no where quite on earth … Continue reading

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Are you a Global Citizen?

I’ve always thought the concept of patriotism and especially nationalism to be a very weird and most likely stupid and illogical idea.  It just makes no sense to me that people from any individual country can believe on whatever level … Continue reading

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Do Chimps Believe in God?

As Good Friday nears and Easter beckons to many as well as Passover to many others, it might come as a surprise to you that recent studies have indicated that a group of Chimpanzees have been studied and a series … Continue reading

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Sunni and Shia Islam – All you Need To Know – Islam 101

You’d have to be living on another planet not to hear about the seemingly endless troubles in the Middle-East.  To many in the west, Muslims are Muslims but it is much more complex than that with an ancient schism dominating … Continue reading

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The history of Father Christmas & Santa Claus

I’m not really into the modern Christmas, I’m much more into the original meaning of Christmas.  However that’s not to say I’m not interested in the traditions of Father Christmas it’s just that I am into the more original meanings … Continue reading

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Why are the 7 days in a week? The story behind the names of the days of the week

Have you ever wondered why the week has 7 days in it?  It is so entrenched around the world even in areas not influenced by Bible teaching and yet no one really questions why this is.   Whilst human devised … Continue reading

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Red Letter Day

Have you ever heard of the phrase that Today is a Red Letter Day?   It used to be quite common but now is just one of those sayings we vaguely remember from school.  It may well be for you … Continue reading

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An unapologetic guide to saying Sorry

When was the last time you said Sorry to someone?  It’s not something that any of us like to do and it is something that many of us don’t do.  Often it is the people who should say Sorry the … Continue reading

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The Angel of Mons

Whilst writing and researching my WW1 history book, Lest We Forget, I came across a number of semi-mythical events and accounts that went from the completely unbelievable to those that actually occurred despite being hugely unlikely.   There is the grim … Continue reading

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