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How WiFi is improving London Underground

There are lots of things I love about London Underground and quite a few I hate and that’s probably the case with everyone who uses it whether like me relying on it to go to work every day or some … Continue reading

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Losing your marbles – A real life conversation!

Yesterday morning I had an early morning appointment at the garage to get my car serviced.  Happily it passed its test but instead of waiting around the garage for an hour, I went into town to buy some provisions and … Continue reading

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Building walls instead of knocking them down!

When I was leaving school we were all used to the idea that divisions between people were coming down. In the autumn of 1989 when I was 15 and readying for my end of school exams the Berlin Wall came … Continue reading

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You are what you live

Have you ever given pause to thought about national stereotypes and the perceptions that strangers may have of you because of where you live?   It’s hard to talk about such things without over generalising but often like many other … Continue reading

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