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Why Ukraine matters

I’m frequently staggered though not surprised as just how inept, short-sighted and self-serving the politicians of this world seem to be. 20 years after Putin destroyed Chechnya whose only crime was to be resource rich and not want to be … Continue reading

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Falling victim to storm Eunice

So far in February in the U.K. we have been bombarded with a seemingly never ending series of fierce storms. Before Global Warming, February was once the coldest and snowiest month of the year here but in recent years snow … Continue reading

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Walking the walk but not talking the talk!

The first Nursery Rhyme Tour of London was a big success (I hope) and went 4 hours with just a small hotchoc and church diversion. It was lovely to meet two Excluded tourists as we explored the places, origins and … Continue reading

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Locked in an empty building with some Roman ruins

I always like to go exploring around London and am always on the lookout to make my tours better and just learn more in general. Over the years I have been afforded several opportunities to visit where no-one else goes, … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 85: Living by example.

It is surprising how often in life how often synchronicity happens. Last Saturday I set off for the East End of London to take some photos and do a little research for the new book that I am writing on … Continue reading

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Oakham Stocks – A quirky remnant of punishments from the Middle-Ages.

A few days ago I went to see a dear friend of mine in Oakham, a little market town in the once abolished and now restored count of Oakham. There are lots of good reasons to visit Oakham and its … Continue reading

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Paying respects to King Harold II of 1066 fame… a family member

As beautiful as Waltham Abbey Church is and it’s impressively large gardens and ruins outside it; for myself at least it is not the main reason to have always wanted to visit the place. For Waltham Abbey is said to … Continue reading

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A wintery walk around Waltham Abbey

It’s often the case that one doesn’t visit the places on your doorstep and even as a guide in London, I sometimes only visited the most famous of places because I was being paid to. Just over a week ago … Continue reading

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