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A trip through the Shires – not a Hobbits journey

The more eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I have been away for a week. Traditionally I always go on holiday in the last weekend of September.  Apart from my wife having her birthday during this time, the accommodation … Continue reading

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Tuning in to Shortwave Radio

For anyone under the age of 90 it i’s easy to forget about the times before the Internet. How difficult it was to find out even simple information such as when the local DIY shop is open? What are the … Continue reading

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Getting lost in the world of maps

Do you ever go on an unexpected diversion?  I’ve just been on one and I haven’t left my desk.  Diversions happen all the time.  Sometimes they can be good such as when you’re browsing Wikipedia intent on looking up a … Continue reading

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The Long Road To Winter

It might seem strange to write about winter on one of the sunniest and warmest weekends to hit these parts for months (if not all year) but the truth is that winter is weighing on my mind and to me … Continue reading

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A casualty of war, shot down by The Red Baron

Almost everyone has a family member who died in a 20th Century war, most of us unfortunately have several whether we know their names or not. I know of several, mostly from WW1. During a trip to my parents house … Continue reading

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Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award

A great reader is…someone who adds to the conversation To my great surprise and with great appreciation, my blog has been nominated as a finalist in the Wonderful Team member Readership Award by the very talented and supremely readable Managua … Continue reading

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Our little paradise

One of the things that I like to do is spend time outdoors and when I can’t go any further away from home then I go in my back garden.  We have a very small back garden even by English … Continue reading

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Why are we here? or The SOAS Library

Why are we here?   I’m not going to attempt to answer the big theological debate here, at least not today. Everyone goes through a series of events or experiences that gradually shape their ideas,  ideals and general outlook on life.   … Continue reading

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