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Standing Up To Corporate Greed

I’ve written several posts on corporate tax dodgers and greed and this week, none was more surprised to be confronted by another example of this just a minute from where I live when I got on my local bus. Imagine … Continue reading

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The Death of the music scene in London

I’ve written before on the various building and engineering projects that are transforming many cities in Britain and London in particularly.  In the grand scheme of things, many of these obviously offer huge improvements bringing 20th and often 19th century … Continue reading

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Stupid corporate customer surveys

We all have them don’t we.  Every time we go somewhere, every time we do something, every time we visit a website we are urged to share our opinion.  Tight companies offer us nothing in return, others offer us a … Continue reading

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Corporate Tax Dodgers – Am I really more profitable than Starbucks?

Today I thought I would write about something just a little bit more serious and contemporary for a change.  Over recent weeks there has been an ever increasing furore regarding large multinational companies which are either completely avoiding paying Corporate … Continue reading

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