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Coronavirus Diary 81: Visiting London’s oldest Beigel Shop

For many if not most people, life is well on the way to being back to normal, in deed from what I can tell many peoples lives were barely impacted at all aside for a few weeks. For myself and … Continue reading

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Charles McGhee – The penniless Crossing Sweeper with a heart and pot of gold.

Today sometimes if you’re unlucky enough to be driving in London, you might get harassed in traffic jams around junctions to have your windscreen cleaned whether you want it or not by road-side workers who seem oblivious to the fact … Continue reading

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Gog and Magog – The Guardians of the City of London

This week saw the annual parade for the Lord Mayor of London which celebrated the 693rd incumbent . Every year as part of one of the oldest civic parades in the world you might catch a glimpse of two fearsome … Continue reading

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My first Remembrance Service at Bushey Memorial

Due to Covid, Sunday was the first opportunity I have have had to attend the local Remembrance Sunday ceremony at 11am as it didn’t run last year so despite having moved almost 2 years ago, this was the first time … Continue reading

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150 years of disasters at Liverpool Street Station

It is nearly 150 years old and the third busiest railway station in the U.K. and only behind London Waterloo and London Victoria Station with around 64 million passengers every year acting as a London gateway and exit to travellers … Continue reading

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Inside Abbey Road Studios and tickling the ivories of John Lennon’s piano

I’ve been going to the world famous Abbey Road Studios since 2013 as part of my Music of London Rock and Pop Tour and more recently also as the starting point on my Beatles Tour of London with my tour company Ye … Continue reading

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Why the Cop26 summit is just a load of hot air

Though I’m sure some of the world leaders want to at least pretend to care about the environment (not all even want to even pretend) it seems clear that on the whole most of them couldn’t care less. If they … Continue reading

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My new Last Night In Soho Walking Tour

On Monday I posted a film review on Last Night In Soho which I watched when it came out on Friday. Having been busy on Saturday I had mused over the possibility of creating a special themed tour much as … Continue reading

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I’m on UK national Talk Radio tonight at 9.30pm

I just found out that I’ve been invited to appear just after the news. We will be talking about Knocker-Uppers which isn’t as kinky as it might sound.   You can listen on the radio, DAB or online. If you’re a … Continue reading

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Last Night In Soho Movie Review

I have been waiting for this film for a year or so but it has been long delayed due to Covid. I really liked the look of it from the trailers and though those elements are very enticing and didn’t … Continue reading

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