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Venting spleen against the spammers

If like me, you probably get more spam than legitimate email.   I’ve been on the internet since before the World Wide Web and I think I’m in the position to say that the quality of business spammers could be … Continue reading

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Alexander Kinglake – The Tale Of A Very English Shyness

I’ve written before about the trials of introvercy and issues surrounding being shy and the related by British Problems that people like myself encounter in their day to day existence. So it is with great pleasure and also total empathy that … Continue reading

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Saint Christopher – The Patron Saint of Travellers

As many people enjoyed my post last week on the story of the man who tricked The Devil, I thought I would post another similar tale which I myself only learned last week. I was working on a tour and … Continue reading

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When playing a hunch leads to The Devil

I see a lot of amazing sights when I am driving around the country or indeed walking around London and giving tours to foreign visitors through my company, Ye Olde England Tours.   No matter where I go or how … Continue reading

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Musa I of Mali – The richest man you may never have heard of

You might never have heard of Musa Keita I of the Mali Empire but it is fair to say that no-one alive today will ever make such an impact on the world today. Born in 1280 AD, Musa grew up in … Continue reading

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Volleyball in a Bikini​ or a Hijab?

Much has been made about the appearance of the Egyptian beach volleyball team playing in the Olympics wearing the all-encompassing Hijab Islamic dress rather than the usual Bikini style outfit and comment has been made over how appropriate this is. First … Continue reading

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Has the birthplace​ of King Arthur been discovered?

In all the names of mythical and semi-mythical beings in history, there are few if any that rank more highly than that of King Arthur and his legendary knights of the Round Table.  Quite why people get so worked up … Continue reading

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Charles Wells – The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo

Charles “Monte Carlo” Wells was the only son amongst 3 sibling daughters and was born into a respectable family in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire before his family moved to Marseille in France. Charles Wells certainly had an interesting life and not always … Continue reading

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15 bad points about working for yourself

Having written earlier in the week on 20 great reasons you should be your own boss, it is only fair that I offer up some of the less pleasant experiences of working for yourself too.  It’s not all a bed … Continue reading

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20 Great Reasons To Work For Yourself

Three years ago this month, I took the big step of deciding I was going to create my own business.  My slight lack of blogging in recent weeks might give some indication of just how successful this has been. I … Continue reading

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