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The Ice Cream Index of Happiness

It turns out it really is the simple things in life that do the most to uplift you’re feelings, at least if you’re British and it’s summer time. Chocolate and donating to charity give British people the most happiness per … Continue reading

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Since I’ve been gone…

If you’re reading this then you may have noticed that I have got a little behind with my blog posting.  I’m hugely sorry about that.  Something has been tapping at my window demanding my attention and sadly that thing is … Continue reading

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Mad dogs and Englishmen

You might not realise it if you live elsewhere but for today at least London is about the hottest city on planet earth, not including Paris and err New Delhi.  It’s easy for everyone to scoff at the idea that … Continue reading

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It’s always sunny in Norfolk

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that my Saturday post is actually a day late.  It isn’t due to the summer solstice which is what I would have posted if only I had been able to but simply … Continue reading

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Surviving The Scorchio Summer

It’s nearly the middle of July and surprise, surprise it is sunny and hot here.  It may be sound unusual to find someone surprised of summery weather but it is a genuine surprise to everyone in London and not necessarily … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Monday(s)

First of all thank-you to everyone who liked my blogs last week when I was away.  I’m glad they were appreciated and I really enjoyed following up on the people who ‘liked’ me. Monday is a Bank Holiday in England, … Continue reading

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A day out in Cockermouth

Due to the all night storm our plans to go for another day in the mountains was quickly forgotten in place of a visit to the picturesque town of Cockermouth. Cockermouth sits at the meeting point of 3 rivers and … Continue reading

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