News Updates

September 2020

Though things are far from normal we’re pleased to announce a number of certifications that we have been awarded this month.

First of all our Green Tourism Grading went very well and we are have been successfully certified at a strong Silver Level as to being a Green Tourism operator.

Ye Olde England Tours has been graded a strong Silver

This means that we naturally are kind to the planet are ethical in our business practices and support independent businesses, suppliers and operators.     Lots of much bigger companies spend a lot of money and don’t get the award even when they want it but being eco-friendly is our very ethos.

Secondly we have been Certified that We’re Good To Go!  by Visit England and Visit Scotland which means we have been verified as to have taken measures to ensure that we are safe to operate under the present circumstances and protect our staff and customers.

So take a tour with us for socially distant experience you’ll never forget!

August 2020 – 50% Autumn Sale

The Coronavirus epidemic has hit us hard as you might have guessed and we are not eligible to receive any government assistance.

For the duration of the 2020  from 1st September, all our London walking tours are at 50% off the listed price.

Almost all of our tours take place in quiet areas and they are even quieter these days.  We hope locals and visitors alike will help support us and our local suppliers during these difficult times.

Simply Quote Reference 50% Sale when booking.  All sale-bookings must be for dates in 2020.

July 2020

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 18.15.38

Press Release for Download Ye Olde England Tours Green Tourism

GT awaiting grading

June 2020

It may not mean much to everyone else but Ye Olde England Tours is honoured to have been chosen over 6,000 other small business entrants to receive £3,000 free newspaper and online advertising in the Mail. Metro and i newspapers.

Picked by the respected Federation of Small Businesses, who particularly wanted to help worthy applicants with a good product, people and plan for the future.

It’s great to be entrusted with opportunity to kick things off again later this year.  Obviously they wouldn’t waste their money and if you book with us, then you won’t be wasting yours either!    Keep an eye out for our Ads in some of Britains biggest publications including the worlds most popular commercial news website, the Daily Mail.

April 2020

Wherever you are, we at Ye Olde England Tours hope you are safe and well.  We realise that many have been forced to cancel their spring and early summer holidays.  We ourselves haven’t been allowed out of our homes for the last month or so.

One of our guides has suffered and recovered from the Coronavirus though tragically his wife did not make it.

Whenever the time comes to consider booking your next annual vacation or even a long weekend do consider Ye Olde England Tours.  Not only have we got hundreds of 5-star reviews but all our tours are private to you and your family.

We make it our mission to show people a side of London and the U.K. that others never get to see.  We almost exclusively make use of and support local traders and over half of our tours are carbon neutral.   Even in busy London some of tours go to places where you might not see another tourist or even another person.

When you book with us you can be assured of being treated like Royalty as without you, we have nothing and now more than ever local businesses like Ye Olde England Tours need your bookings.  Your money doesn’t go towards bonuses, stock-prices and flashy perks; it pays for our food, our homes, our families.

We look forward to meeting friends, old and new one day soon.  Until then, all the best.

December 2019

Instead of buying another belonging this Christmas that will soon be discarded, treat someone to an experience that money can’t buy and won’t ever be forgotten

We’re 5 star rated on all the big travel sites or you can find us at Have a look, send us an email to  and we’ll get you a nice gift certificate before Christmas for the tour of your choice.


We have everyone from students to lone backpackers to ex-Presidents and media stars and people of all professions and interests.

We were even chosen by the BBCs Comic Relief  to do a very special Sherlock Tour for the prize-winners and actual actors too!


March 2019

Last week on a rather cold March afternoon, I was honoured to be invited to record a piece for international television on the achievements and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill. Boon one of our tours, perhaps the Churchill tour and find out why we are in demand!

January 2019

Ye Olde England Tours is expanding and we need additional guides!

We are looking for Freelance guides for both walking tours in London and car-based day trips from London to destinations generally in S.E. England.

Full training is provided along with generous rates of pay.

Experience is not essential but being friendly and trust-worthy is.

Contact us today and discover what it’s like to love your job!


February 2018

As well as being 5 star rated on Trip Advisor where we have have 80 5-star reviews, we also have a smiliar number on Viator and Get Your Guide.    This month we have been awarded the Get Your Guide Top Partner Award 2018 with an average rating of over 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Thank-you to all our customers for our great reviews.  We treasure each and every one of them and we hope go to show that we treat every one of our tours and guests like a King or Queen for the day.


January 2018

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 14.22.49

Ye Olde England Tours are proud to be entered into the first annual Hertfordshire Tourism Awards.   As well as our famous London and southern counties tours, we also do many great tours to our home, in the home counties.  From Harry Potter to Hatfield House, Knebworth to St Albans and all the secret treasures in between.  We can take you there and with a much higher satisfaction level than all the above world renowned attractions.

We treat each and every tour like it is the most important thing in the world because to us, it is and you are.   It’s not how big you are, it’s how good you are that counts!

Certificate of Excellence

For the third year in a row. Ye Olde England Tours has been recognised by Trip Advisor… this time with the 2017 Certificate of Excellence!  Thank-you to all our guests for helping us make dreams come true, yours and ours!


Filming Trip to France and consultant to The CWGC (March 2017)

Last weekend I was delighted to be invited by the Comminwealth War Graves Commission to travel to the WW1 Western Front to present a short history related documentary that may even end up on the BBC. When not touring I write books and one that was published was Lest We Forget which relates to WW1. It’s obviously a great honour to be recognised in this way and I was more than happy to help research and present the film.
I put together the following little video on YouTube….

Obviously 99% of our tours relate to London, England and the U.K. though we also do a 3 day tour to the Western Front in Belgium and France too. You can see a little of what you’d see on our video below. So why not book with us for a friendly, private, unhurried tour by a real expert.

See our WW1 Ypres and The Somme tour page for details.
We’re on YouTube! (February 2017)

Ye Olde England Tours now has our very own YouTube Channel.  Here we hope to post short videos featuring some of the big sights and hidden locations around London and the UK.   Subscribe to keep up to date!

Ye Olde England Tours Are Featured In Harrods Magazine!  (January 2017)

We are honoured to be featured in the latest edition of Halcyon, the official magazine of Harrods Aviation who are as prestigious in the travel world as the Knightsbridge Store is in the world of shopping.

Halcyon wanted their travellers to do something special but a bit different in London and so wrote a feature on Sherlock Holmes which I helped advise them with.  It’s great for us to be mentioned in such a prestigious publication.  If you’d like to do a special Sherlock location tour too, then check out our Sherlock tour page.

More New Faces Join The Team (December 2016)

We happy to announce that we can welcome two new faces to Ye Olde England Tours.  Alison Lewin joined us in October and has already been out and about to Bath, Stonehenge and a few beautiful country houses having brought with her many years of running guided tours for prestigious tour groups in the UK and overseas.

Also joining us is Kevin Pearman.   Kevin immediately made a big impact by getting a 5* review on his very first tour and a dozen trips further on, he is definitely proving to be a big hit with our guests.

You can read more about our team here.

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence  (October 2016)

We’re delighted to be once again awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence!


Welcome Aboard Erin Tilley!  (September 2016)

It is now almost 3 years I started Ye Olde England Tours with the aim of providing a professional, friendly and totally personalised series of tours.  Originally there were just 5 tours to choose from and now have 39 (with some new ones about to launch).  250 tours and many thousands of miles driven and footsteps walked later, it is time to make a big move.

As well as providing unique and high-quality tours for my very special tourists and giving me a way to pass on my love and enthusiasm for London, England and in fact the entire U.K.; I always try to give special experiences and let my tourists see the sights in a way that the big coach operators and multinationals can’t hope to reach.

I’ve been more successful than I could ever have dreamed and over 2016, I’ve been turning down almost as many bookings as I’ve accepted which I hate doing.  I don’t like disappointing people making their holiday plans and obviously from a purely business point of view it is a nice problem to have but still a problem as I can only do 1 tour at a time.

For the last few months I’ve been searching for someone who can help me so that I can offer the best tours possible to the most visitors I can.  Obviously, it was important to find the right person and it took a lot of searching to find someone flexible, talented, people-friendly and with more than a bit of know-how about tours and all things London/British history and culture.

I’m delighted to say that I can announce the search is over and I can announce that the wonderful Erin Tilley will now be taking some tours on a part-time basis (at least for now!!).  It means I don’t have to be double-booked so much and in peak periods work every day under the sun.  Also though, it makes Ye Olde England Tours twice as good as before and let’s face it… with over sixty 5-star reviews, we weren’t too shoddy to begin with.

In keeping with the ethical way I run my life, my business and treat customers, I’m so thrilled to be welcome Erin onboard.  Touring is a great way to make a living and not be stuck in the usual 9-5 job and I’m sure Erin will love it as much as I do and that all our tourists will love Erin too!


There’s always lots to do in London, and the U.K. here are some great ideas we want to share with you!

Spring is in the air!

Spring is nearly here, and it is one of the best times to visit London and explore England.  There are comparatively fewer tourists even at the hotspots, recently on a tour we visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and the site manager said there were only 200-300 people there all day when in peak season there could be easily over 5,000.

Many of the places we visit hold special attractions for out of season visits and with the weather improving, the lambs in the fields and the flowers and trees coming out then this is the time to start planning a special day out.

For a short period only, anyone books a day tour with us will be offered a discounted walking tour of London.

450th Shakespeare Anniversary.

This week sees the beginning of a year long special Shakespeare celebration and if you like all things Shakespeare or simply want to visit a peaceful and beautiful small English town that just happens to be the home of the greatest literary writer then why not visit Stratford Upon Avon.

This week I had the pleasure of taking Wendy from South Africa on a number of tours.  We explored London, and we visited the tremendous Warwick Castle with its scary dungeons, birds of prey and views of several counties from the top of the tower.  However nowhere was better than Stratford Upon Avon.

The weather was warm and sunny even on the last day of April, so we took our time walking around this pretty town.  There are 5 Shakespeare-related houses in and around Stratford Upon Avon, each one different in their own way and each with beautiful old traditional gardens full of formal flower beds, roses and expansive lawns.

One of the pleasures of visiting Stratford Upon Avon is simply walking down the pretty little streets, full of interesting old shops and cafes which as Wendy and I can confirm, served the most delicious goods.

As well as the Shakespearean houses there is the original period home of John Harvard, founder of Harvard University in the USA and if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful streets and buildings then it’s always worth the effort to walk along the picturesque river through the park as the swans and boats go by until you reach Trinity Church which is, of course, the final resting place of William Shakespeare.  When we visited there this week, the inside of the church was festooned with floral bouquets and wreaths for our favourite writer but of course, the church is beautiful in its own right.

Instead of a rushed coach tour, why not take the time to enjoy all that Stratford Upon Avon has to offer with a private guided tour by Ye Olde England Tours.

Shout-out to Milwaukee!

A big thank-you to Pramana, Arianna and Annie who I have spent the last 9 days with in and around London.  They were absolutely fantastic people to show around and I enjoyed my time with you tremendously.  We spent 8 days in and around London, seeing not just the big tourist sights but also visiting some of the great markets, shops, pubs and restaurants that London has to offer plus a trip out to beautiful Cambridge.  Greenwich seemed to make a lasting impression whilst Annie loved our special Sherlock and Sci-Fi day where we went round to all the Sherlock sights from the books to the current TV show as well as a trip to Forbidden Planet!

The weather held out for us mostly, and they were kind enough to bring me a large bag of goodies from Milwaukee so when they left I surprised them with one of my books and a bag full of various Cadbury Chocolates.

It was great meeting you all and sharing such good memories.  I hope to have another Bubble-Milk one day soon!

Christmas Seasonal Days Out

If you’re in England now or planning a winter visit to the United Kingdom then why not have a seasonal day out with us.  There are numerous and memorable Christmas Markets throughout the South East of England with arts and crafts from around the U.K. and Europe.  Many of these are in beautiful old market towns and cities or even in some of the historical attractions that we visit throughout the year.

Rochester at Christmas Rochester at Christmas

For something really seasonal, why not have a day tour to Windsor old town and, of course, see Windsor Castle too.  Another very good idea is to visit Rochester in Kent, just east of London.  Most of our modern Christmas traditions come from the Victorians and one man, in particular, Charles Dickens.  You can’t have Christmas without the tales of Scrooge and The Christmas Carol.  Rochester has many Charles Dickens related sights as well as a castle and a beautiful Cathedral.  Visit the main shopping street and you’ll think you stepped back in time.

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