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Depression is no laughing matter

Last week England were thrashed in the first match of the Ashes Tour in Australia.  Though many players performed below par, one player played particularly below his best.  His name is Jonathan Trott and anyone watching the game could see … Continue reading

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50 years today John F. Kennedy was assassinated but do we know the whole truth?

Fifty years ago today on 22nd November 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated whilst driving in an open top car as part of a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. It’s a crime that still grips much of a nation if not much … Continue reading

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How to collect autographs… mostly Star Trek & how I beat the odds!

One of the things I used to enjoy doing was collecting autographs. I have collected autographs since 1982 and probably have over 100 now.  Most of them are sci-fi related but I have autographs from the world of sports, tv … Continue reading

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How to write a great E-book

Many people are daunted at the prospect of writing a full-length novel and it is all too easy to see why.  The months or more likely years of work involved are very daunting even before you start and then the … Continue reading

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Armistice Day – Remembrance Sunday

I am re-posting this article from last year as many of my reader won’t have seen it before and it is still one of the most viewed posts I have written. Sunday sees the third, final and probably by far … Continue reading

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Poetry from the Trenches

The 11th of November is Armistice Day, the day that originally marked the end of World War 1.   These days Remembrance Day or Poppy Day as it is sometimes called also focuses on the many later wars of the 20thC … Continue reading

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Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

Following from Halloween, the second in our group of 3 special days at this time of year is Guy Fawkes Night, now more commonly known as Bonfire Night. Not having an Independence Day or an official National Day, Guy Fawkes … Continue reading

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A brief history of time(zones) or why do we keep changing the clocks?

Some of us have just done it and others are about to do it but this week sees many of us changing our clocks to go onto winter time but why do we do this often quite annoying ritual. In … Continue reading

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