River Thames London Walking Tour

This tour takes us along the banks of the River Thames between two of the most famous buildings in the world, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.


We will travel on both sides of this famous old river which locals lovingly refer to as ‘Old Father Thames’ at various points along the tour.  The fine buildings of London are meant to be seen from the river side and we will learn how things have changed over the centuries and millennia and learn how the river has shaped and influenced London right up to the present day.

Along the way we will learn the stories of some people that lived along the banks and some of the terrible disasters that have befallen the city.   It’s not all bad news though as we will past some iconic bridges, amazing photo opportunities and some of the most funky parts of town that until now overseas travellers rarely got the chance to explore.


We will see many of the most famous and glamorous sights which London is known for but also places right by the river that are overlooked even by most Londoners but which in many way are even more fascinating and little changed from centuries ago.


Departure Time:10 am
City Location: London
Duration of Tour: 3 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

Standard Adult Prices per person excluding entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £105

2 Adults = £90

3 Adults = £85

4 Adults = £80

5 – 10 Adults = £60

For more information or to make a booking, please email yeoldeenglandtours@gmail.com

Alternatively you can book by using the automated booking process with Viator below.

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