From Shakespeare’s Globe To The Mayflower & The American Dream

There isn’t another tour that is quite like this one where we will visit some of the most historic yet less visited sites in London.  This walking tour takes places entirely along and around the South Bank of the River Thames which has two thousand years of rich if sometimes less glamerous history which makes for a fascinating tour that opens the door on this less visited part of London. We will start off at the relatively popular Millenium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and learn about the abject poverty that used to plague the area with one of the worst prisons in history, The Klink as well as the ruins of a palace and the famous Borough Market.
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

This region more than perhaps any other has a reputation for naval trade and exploration and the Golden Hinde is just the beginning of what we will see. Following from the beautiful Southwark Cathedral we will pass under London Bridge and see some of the huge developments that London as gone through. Refurbished Victorian docks, warships and glass towers make up for the central section of the walk before we reach Tower Bridge where things get interesting and we go a little off the beaten path. IMG_1308.JPG We’ll visit what was Jacob’s Island, a terrible slum that inspired Charles Dickens.  the area has changed in many ways but certain streets still take you back a century or too.  See the place where piracy was rife and where criminals were hung by the neck!

The old slum of Jacobs Island where pirates lived and died and Charles Dickens wrote about.

Eastwards we go through a cherry tree park with lots of history and onto the tuins of a royal residency where nearby we will learn about some of the social reformers who did so much to improve the lives of the people who lived here a century ago. Wherever there were sailors, there were pubs and on this walk we will visit an old smugglers den where Captain Cook enjoyed himself before sailing off to ‘discover’ Australia and where Christopher Jones recruited a crew for a trip that would change history onboard the Mayflower.  Later on we will visit his final resting place. As we near the end we will visit an old Watch House where volunteers did their best to uphold the law amongst the slums and rescue the many dead bodies that turned up from the Bodysnatchers.  We’ll see learn about one of Britain’s greatest engineers who built the first ever under water tunnel and see a historic tv and film studio that is still making hits today.

Follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Finally, the tour ends at the Mayflower pub.  A pub was already here before the Mayflower ship departed to the New World from this very spot and later when the captain brought the vessel home, it was left on the shore of the Thames a few feet from where it had departed. Just a few minutes away is a London Underground station for easy return back to your hotel even if you stay on for a drink or one of their tasty meals. Departure Time: 9.30 am City Location: London Duration of Tour: 3 hours (Approximate times as all tours are bespoke) Standard Adult Prices per person excluding entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £140

2 Adults = £120

3 Adults = £110

4 Adults = £100

5 – 10 Adults = £80

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