King Arthur Tour (Glastonbury)

Travel back to the magical and somewhat mythical days of King Arthur and his chivalrous Knights of the Round Table on a private all day tour from London.

Recent research has increased the likelyhood that King Arthur had his castle at Tintagel which is well beyond a day-trip range from London.  However, there are other sites of Arthurian lore which are closer and easier to visit. On this tour we will visit a few of the tangible places that have a connection with King Arthurt and we can see where history meets with myth, legend and magic.

A few hours out of London will take us to the beautiful old city of Winchester and though there is lots to see here, what we are really here to see is the Great Hall where proudly sat on the wall for all to see is the famous round table of King Arthur. Scientific dating reveals that the table may well be only 800 years old which is a little more recent than when King Arthur is thought to have lived but this table is surely the closest and most authentic imaginable, with the names of his 24 knights painted around the table.


From Winchester we will travel to the magical Isle of Avalon.  Here we can climb the Tor (or admire it from the base if preferred).  The area is steeped in ancient and medieval history as well as famously being named as the place where Jesus walked in Englands green and pleasant land.

Glastonbury Tor on what was once known as the Isle of Avalon.

Finally, a short distance from Avalon, we will visit the picutresque ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and see the final resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere as discovered by the local monks in the year 1191 AD.


Departure Time:7 am
City Location: London – Winchester – Glastonbury
Duration of Tour: 12 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

Adult Prices per person including entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £260

2 Adults = £240

3 Adults = £225

4 Adults = £200

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