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Where The Crawdads Sing – Movie Review

I’ve written a lot of film reviews in my time and many of my favourite films have been based upon rather successful novels, none of which I have ever read. I just find that films based on books often are … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Neighbours!

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours. I should know as I’ve lived next more than my fair share of weirdos and inconsiderates. Friday marks the end of an era as Neighbours is airs its final episodes after being axed back in March. During … Continue reading

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John Dee- the original 007 Tudor Spy.

We all know of James Bond and his licence to kill spy films and many will remember James Bond himself was created by Ian Fleming. However he wasn’t the first in the world of espionage to use the code 007 … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the missing dead from Waterloo?

One of the big mysteries about the epic Battle of Waterloo may have been solved. There are several big battles in British history where despite large numbers of recorded casualties, few oil any human remains or skeletons have been found. … Continue reading

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Remembering Ælfric the Grammarian

Walk around London or indeed any large British city or town and you might come across round circular blue plaques on the side of buildings. They are a way of honouring a person from history who has made a positive … Continue reading

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Celebrating the end of Boris Johnson – My Part In His Downfall

Well what a day last Thursday was. Bring a tour guide I am used to bumping into the great and the good as well as the odd generally scummy government minister. You never know what quite you have to contend … Continue reading

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My blog is 10 years old today!

It’s hard to believe that my little blog is 10 years old today. What started as a little hobby which I expected to peter out within 2 or 3 weeks grew into something of a monster. I’d just like to … Continue reading

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Meeting Stephen Fry makes a great day even better

I get to meet lots of people in my job from The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh through Presidents, politicians, film-stars and musicians. There aren’t actually that many people who I’d like to meet; perhaps Sir David Attenborough but on … Continue reading

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