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How many gentle flowers grow in an English country garden?

Fear not as I am not going to start singing this old English folk song, let alone do the accompanying Morris Dancing. I’ve written before on my love of gardening and it was the garden here that partly inspired me … Continue reading

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My New Doctor Who Tour

My Doctor Who tour that I planned out a few weeks ago was a big success so I have decided to create a new tour based upon it that visits various places across London to important filming locations of New … Continue reading

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Different words for a bread roll across the U.K.

One of the things I really like and am interested in are the different quirks and vagaries of every day life and language. Whilst countries such as France celebrate their regions and differences, too often in the U.K. such things … Continue reading

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Going in search of Daleks in the backstreets of London

I noticed a few weeks ago the the old 1960’s Doctor Who films with Peter Cushing as the Doctor have been re-mastered in 4k for a re-release. I only mention it as one of the things that I always thought … Continue reading

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Surviving the London Heatwave

Oh the last few weeks, months even have been annoyingly warm, even hot but this last week took the biscuit with scientific temperatures surpassing 40 degrees in London and quite a few other places in the U.K. though practicality, places … Continue reading

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