V1 Vixen (A Vigilante Pulp Noir Thriller)

There is a veneer of civilisation in this world in which we live, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll uncover an underworld of fear, violence and death.  Sometimes though you don’t have to peek into the shadows and darkness to find it, sometimes death comes to get you.
When her friend disappears in mysterious circumstances and with the police seemingly unable to help, Ru yearns to ditch her mundane day job and dips her toe in a world that soon threatens to subsume not just her but all those she loves.

What starts as a curious investigation soon erupts into a one-woman crusade to clean up the streets and gain justice at whatever cost. Swallowed up by a world of gangs, drugs and guns, Ru transforms herself into V and uses the two things no man can resist, her stunning beauty and powerful Mixed Martial Arts skills.
Crime is serious, gangs are deadly but to V it’s also a game and she is the cat, not the mouse.  The weak and oppressed have a new hero in town and you better remember it as one day you might need to call her.
Her name is V, for Vixen.


V1 Vixen is available on Kindle from Amazon UK, Amazon USA and around the world.



V1 Vixen is also available on iTunes, Kobo, Nook and all other electronic formats from all good retailers as well as on Paperback from Amazon UK, Amazon USA and around the world.

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