The Silence Fell

The Silence Fell

The Silence Fell

The Silence Fell is a 3,100 word short story and it is a snowy, wintry ghost story which involves a young paper-boy taking a short cut through a park in which resides a ghostly spectre that ensnares children forever to feed off their life-energy.  It also has some of the scariest snowmen around which are in some way reminiscent of The Weeping Angels of Dr Who.  It’s suitable for teenagers and adults who enjoy a ghostly, Twilight Zone style of story without any blood or gore.  It’s atmospheric and spooky and perfect for a short read on a Sunday afternoon or a lunch break at the office.

Due to the relatively short word-length it is only available on electronic formats  at just 99cents / 99pence I hope it will be a great introduction to some of my other novels too.   You can take a look at The Silence Fell  is available at and  My books are also available direct from  Barnes and NobleKoboSmashwords and Createspace.  You can see my Amazon bookstore for the UK and US here and for Apple fans you can purchase direct from the iTunes/Ibooks store or by clicking the logo below.

The Silence Fell

Alternatively if you send me an email I can send you a signed copy of any book for the usual retail price plus postage.

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