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Speaking up for Introverts!

The world is split into two types of people, me and everyone else.  More helpful than that, it is divided between Introverts and Extroverts.  The world is ruled and dominated by extroverts, perhaps because introverts don’t want to speak up.  … Continue reading

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Falling out of love, with Football

Today is the one year anniversary since the London 2012 Olympics. I’ve said how much before I enjoyed it but what I didn’t realise at the time would be how it changed sport for me and it seems I’m not … Continue reading

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The Royal Gun Salutes For The Baby Prince

Following on from my blog post yesterday, I thought I thought some people may be interested in seeing the gun-salutes in central London yesterday. Gun salutes can be fired from land or on the sea and are a traditional sign … Continue reading

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It’s a boy! New successor to the British Crown.

Yesterday will go down in history, not only was it the hottest day since 2006 but at 4.24pm a new successor to the throne was born. For a couple of weeks the worlds press has been camped around the streets … Continue reading

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The Man Who Planted Trees and The Green Wall of Africa

About five years ago, I watched part of a short animated film entitled The Man Who Planted Trees. It is the most lovely short French film (an English version can be viewed here) and it tells the story of a … Continue reading

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How To Get Rich Using Airbnb

This week I wrote a small How-To ebook/kindle book entitled How To Get Rich Using Airbnb.  It’s in all good book stores, well Amazon UK, USA, Lulu and iTunes anyway. I wrote this book for two main reasons.  First of all … Continue reading

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Surviving The Scorchio Summer

It’s nearly the middle of July and surprise, surprise it is sunny and hot here.  It may be sound unusual to find someone surprised of summery weather but it is a genuine surprise to everyone in London and not necessarily … Continue reading

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My Zombie Safe House – Where would you go at the end of the world?

Obviously this is a stupid question that I don’t expect anyone to answer for a number of reasons. First of all, with all the ways the world could end, zombie apocalypse is unlikely to be the one. Secondly of course, … Continue reading

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