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Saying goodbye to my Mam

Whilst everyone else including myself was winding down and looking forward to having the next day off for Easter, my poor mother was dying. This wasn’t the first time that she had suffered from cancer or had serious operations as … Continue reading

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My novel blog hop

Back in March I was tagged for a fun little Blog Hop which allows you all a peek into my manuscript(s). I have J. G. Burdette to thank for this.  Sorry it took a while to get round to doing this but … Continue reading

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The War in Syria and what we can do to help against a 21st Century War Criminal

Todays posting isn’t going to be about some wishy-washy subject.  I’m going to write about something important and something which is killing thousands of people every month, the civil uprising and war in Syria.   I’m writing because it is important … Continue reading

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iTunes The Soundtrack to my life

I was a bit of a late comer when it came to digitally stored music.  Partly it was because I was too busy, partly because being a practical sort of person, spending money on a electrical storage device always seemed … Continue reading

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Unemployment – Great hours but the pay sucks

Regular readers, fans and groupies may have noticed over the last few months how dissatisfied I had become with my day job.  It wasn’t just because I hated it though that was true.  It was due to a whole host … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher, her life and legacy

Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher was born the daughter of a Grantham grocer in 1925. Never has a politician so split the country like Mrs Thatcher and as such it will be rather a challenge to give a neural account of … Continue reading

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History of social classes and does class matter?

Much attention was given in the news this week to the announcement that we in Great Britain no longer live in a society of three classes but what does this mean for us and is it important anyway? Britain is … Continue reading

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