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Halloweens of past and present

This week sees the beginning of special part of the calendar which for various historic reasons see 3 of the most important events of the calendar taking place in what would otherwise be a dark and dreary part of the … Continue reading

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All about Attingham Park (and Croft Castle too)!

Today my blog returns us to the green hills of Shropshire and our final full day of our holiday towards the end of September.  We chose to spend our day at Attingham Park, a grand house a few miles east … Continue reading

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Corporate Tax Dodgers – Am I really more profitable than Starbucks?

Today I thought I would write about something just a little bit more serious and contemporary for a change.  Over recent weeks there has been an ever increasing furore regarding large multinational companies which are either completely avoiding paying Corporate … Continue reading

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Petrol from thin air

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
It might sound like complete science fiction, or at least a distant scientific advance, but it is being done now: the production of zero carbon petroleum from nothing more than air and water. What’s…

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A visit to Stokesay Castle and then Shrewsbury.

Resuming with postings of my recent week long holiday in Shropshire and we are now at thursday.  The floods and rains had subsided and we were in serious danger of seeing blue skies and indeed by mid-morning we were all … Continue reading

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Would you welcome strangers into your home?

Following from my recent posting on how pivotal I find meetings with strangers can be on holiday, I thought that I would write upon the reverse.  No not what innocent bystanders feel like when I bumble onto their horizons but … Continue reading

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Chance encounters and random acts of kindness.

I don’t know about you but when I am lucky enough to go on holiday I don’t like going on standard beach holidays and I don’t like staying in resorts.  A beach is a beach, a pool is a pool.  … Continue reading

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The Mappa Mundi and the chained library at Hereford Cathedral

Wednesday saw the promise of better weather and so we chose it to go on our furthest trip, down the A49 to the city of Hereford in the neighbouring county of Hereford.  It was a 35 mile drive through valleys … Continue reading

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Ludlow and the castle

Our next day out would be focused on the historic market town of Ludlow situated around 7 miles south of our holiday cottage.  We were almost reluctant to go out after enjoying a very peaceful night.  We all felt it … Continue reading

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Berrington Hall

Monday was our first proper day of the holiday and it had been raining all night and though by mid-morning we were down to drizzle, it was definately still wet. As this was never planned to be a sunshine and … Continue reading

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