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Coronavirus Diary 53 – A nice neighbour calls

I was rather in a state of undress when it happened which is rather typical.  For the first time in 5 months in my new home, the door bell rang unexpectedly… ie not a delivery of any sort and I … Continue reading

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The Fire Temple of Chak Chak that weeps for its princess.

Earlier this week I was reminded of a wonderfully tragical romantic episode of history when I was attaching the fabulous new BBC 4 show entitled The Art of Persia.  Towards the beginning of the programme they visited a spot that … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 52 -Social Distancing the back garden

Progress on doing up my new but ancient house continues but at a pace even snails would surpass.  It’s all down to this virus and I’ve even been thinking of bringing my new front garden bench into the house so … Continue reading

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My newest tour – Stanmore Circular Private Walking Tour

Finally I have finished putting together my newest tour, Stanmore Circular Private Walking Tour.  It’s all ready available for booking on the Ye Olde England Tours Website and on popular sites such as Viator and Trip Advisor. It’s all entirely … Continue reading

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The beautiful gold watch of King George III

King George III is one of the most unfortunate monarchs and forever tarnished with his tag of Mad King George due to the mental illness which he suffered from.  What is less known about him is that before he was … Continue reading

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My big Coronavirus Opening! – St Johns Church in Stanmore.

Last Monday was the first real big step forward in the restoration of normal life in the U.K. with many of the non-essential opening for the first time in months.  Of course I couldn’t imagine anything worse than going in … Continue reading

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The underground city beneath Nottingham

Many people know of the city of Nottingham for its folklore of Robin Hood, Little John and the rest of the Merry Men who lived in Sherwood Forest stealing from the rich to give to the poor whilst evading the … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 51 – Social Distancing with baby frogs

I never quite know what I will find on my walks and my walk on Friday was particularly eventful.  First of all down a country lane I came across a car with its hazard lights flashing and being all prepared … Continue reading

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My new book cover – Secret Gardens of the City of London

I thought today as I’m having a relatively easy day (I hope) to unveil the cover for my forthcoming Secret Gardens of the City of London. This is the Kindle formatted cover which ends up being very similar if not … Continue reading

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The Abercorn Arms

If you remember on Monday I wrote on my walk to the home of the esteemed Edward Adrian Wilsonwho died at Antartica with Captain Scott. One of the reasons his house was located where it was at all was because … Continue reading

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