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Going to my first Opera at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Last Saturday I managed to bag a small ambition that I had wanted to do for decades, experience a real life opera and I managed to do so in one of the very finest venues in the world, the Royal … Continue reading

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50 sayings that are off to the knackers yard!

A few years ago I wrote a book called My New Book – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth : 100 Idioms, their Meanings and Origins which always sells quite by my standards, especially at Christmas. Words and sayings have been such … Continue reading

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Visiting the State Apartments at Speaker’s House at the Palace of Westminster

Two weeks ago I wrote a post on how I randomly met Jeremy Corbyn on the London Underground. I met him when I was on my way into Parliament, not as a guide myself this time but as a tourist … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Green Canopy

Last week when I was out and about in London I passed through the Embankment Gardens as I do quite often. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Westminster and always full of blooming flowers, well kept lawns, water … Continue reading

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The death and resurrection of Margorie McCall

If you’re anything like me then there is nothing that quite tickles your fancy like a historic ‘resurrection’ story.   This one took place in Ireland in 1705 when after succumbing to a fever Margorie McCall was hastily buried to … Continue reading

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Meeting Jeremy Corbyn

I’ve had the pleasure to meet several MPs during my 26 months of being Excluded and indeed before then in my work as a tour guide. And also one MP who was particularly condescending and dismissive but more about him … Continue reading

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Ernest Shackleton and the Third Man (an Angel)

Not long after after starting my blog, I once wrote on The Angel of Mons an event dating back to WW1 which often captures the imagination of those who know if it. A very contemporary event to this happened to Ernest … Continue reading

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