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Nazi Gold Train Found In Poland After 70 Years?

As has happened a few times in the history of this blog, an event which I wrote about from a historical standpoint is now unravelling as a live event.  A few months ago I wrote on the treasures of the missing … Continue reading

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I have my first book signing!

So the big news on the happiness front this week is that I have been offered my very first book-signing.  I didn’t have to beg or grovel or anything like I expected I might have to do or lets face … Continue reading

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Building walls instead of knocking them down!

When I was leaving school we were all used to the idea that divisions between people were coming down. In the autumn of 1989 when I was 15 and readying for my end of school exams the Berlin Wall came … Continue reading

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How Shakespeare has influenced Pop Culture

How can I be British, a writer, yet have never really written about Shakespeare in over 3 years of blogging. Would you believe that when I was at Secondary School (High School), it was politically incorrect for us to learn … Continue reading

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True Love Ever Does Run Deep

In the 1980’s there were two artists by the name of Marina and Ulay.  As many artists (and writers!!) are, they were poor and lived out of the back of a truck.  They lived their lives and relationship through their … Continue reading

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Let Me Help – Doing more than feeling sorry for those in need.

I’ve written before about being A Good Samaritan.  I spend a lot of time thinking about those in need.  Whether it is homeless persons or those fallen on hard times in other ways such as ex-service people.    Even my first … Continue reading

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100 things I love about you

We’re all so used to being busy and not fully appreciating the many wonderful things in this world that admittedly often get overshadowed by the terrible. Time is always moving onwards and our time on this Earth is infinite but … Continue reading

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