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Prince Philip and the islanders who worship him as a god.

Most people know who Prince Philip is.  He’s held in quite high esteem and perhaps even loved for his politically incorrect remarks and insults and fiery Greek temper.  However, outside of Buckingham Palace there is no where quite on earth … Continue reading

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The Soulbury Stone – An 11,000 year old accident waiting to happen!

The Soulbury Stone has been sitting contentedly, keeping itself to itself for around 11,000 when it was deposited in its resting place from Derbyshire during the last Ice-Age.  There isn’t anything very unusual about that of course except for the … Continue reading

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Legends of the Blood Moon

Much of North America is currently under the gaze of a Blood Moon.  We know it today to be formed when light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, bathing the moon in an eerie red glow. Whilst today’s event is the … Continue reading

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2013 Annual Cheese-Rolling Race!

This past Bank-Holiday Monday saw the weird and wonderful calendar of oddball traditions and activities in Britain move to Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire.  Though the world media concentrates on sporting events such as Wimbledon, Badminton Horse Trials, Sailing, Formula 1 … Continue reading

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Estate Agent Speak or House with good transport links

Almost everyone in the U.K. is obsessed by property.  Everyone under 30 dreams of owning a house that they can never afford, everyone over 60 counts their lucky stars that they grew up in the post-war boom when houses were … Continue reading

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