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Making a Christmas Posset

It’s long been traditional at this time of year to make mulled wine or cider and its something I too often do.   It’s certainly just the thing for cold winter weather at Christmas time. However there is a drink … Continue reading

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Apricity – The Warmth of Winter Sun

It’s freezing cold outside this morning.  At 8.30am the garden is still minus 10C or 10F, the garden is covered in frost and ice and a pale blue stretches across the horizon with a very weak and watery like pale … Continue reading

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12th Night – Christmas isn’t over yet!

You might not realise it but today (or indeed yesterday depending on your calendar) is 12th night. In my street most of the Christmas decorations have been taken down with people and you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas is … Continue reading

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The history of Father Christmas & Santa Claus

I’m not really into the modern Christmas, I’m much more into the original meaning of Christmas.  However that’s not to say I’m not interested in the traditions of Father Christmas it’s just that I am into the more original meanings … Continue reading

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Thoughts of past and present

Those of you who follow my blog closely may have noticed that I haven’t posted much since I was on my holiday.  There are no particular reasons for this except I have had lots of non-blog things to do since … Continue reading

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Why I did all my New Year Resolutions at Christmas.

So did you have a nice Christmas?  I hope you did.  Mine was everything that I hoped it would be, well mostly.  Having said goodbye to our last paying guests on Airbnb my wife and I had the house to … Continue reading

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The first snow of winter!

You know that Christmas is just around the corner when the first snow arrives.  Before our company moved from London (just a few miles from Heathrow) my colleagues would cast scorn on the idea that ig might be snowing just … Continue reading

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The Long Road To Winter

It might seem strange to write about winter on one of the sunniest and warmest weekends to hit these parts for months (if not all year) but the truth is that winter is weighing on my mind and to me … Continue reading

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