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The Knights of St. John found in London

My last post was all about the Knights Templars and the re-discovery of a possible long-lost religious centre in caves beneath Shropshire.  In passing, I mentioned the Knights of St. John or the Knights Hospitaliers. Unlike the unfortunate Templars, the Hospitaliers are still … Continue reading

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A History of Hacking – And how hacking got America into WW1

Going by the furore in the media at the moment, one would be forgiven for thinking that the world is ending because of the likelihood that Russia has hacked into American computer systems.    The truth is, this sort of … Continue reading

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3rd September 1939 – Britain Declares War On Germany

Today I was giving a tour of Chartwell House to two nice folk from Colorado, USA.  Chartwell House was the home of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and is full of his old belongings from his radio to his cigars. Whilst … Continue reading

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Animation of Allied bombing raids on Nazi occupied Europe

I was going to write something entirely different today and indeed had even started writing it when I happened across a segment of this newly released animated video by the Imperial War Museum in London which I thought many others … Continue reading

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The tragic story of Sidney Ashcroft & the Guernsey Eight

As we approach Armistice Day, I thought I would write on another history related item, this time from WW2. Not many people know that part of the British Isles was conquered and occupied by Nazi Germany.  The Channel Islands, in … Continue reading

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The incredible true tale of Job Maseko – The man who sunk a ship whilst a prisoner.

As today is Remembrance Sunday, I thought I would share a short account of someone who is rarely spoken of outside his homeland but whom I have been a fan of for many years. For most people when they are … Continue reading

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The Greatest Emergency Landings In History

This week many of us have been amazed and horrified in equal measure by the sight of a British Airways Boeing 777 which made an aborted take-off following a catasphrophic engine failure.  Thanks to the incredible reactions of the flight … Continue reading

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