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Happy 100th Birthday Granddad

Today is a special day as my Granddad, Harold Stanley Heard, was born 100 years ago today on March 5th 1916.  It seems such a long time ago when you think about it.  20 of those periods would take you … Continue reading

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A love-letter to Grandma

Everyone loves their Grandma don’t they?  They’re possibly the most special person anyone lucky enough to ever have one has ever had, along with Granddads of course!  Grandparents have all the joys of having young children but don’t have the … Continue reading

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Spock

I was in Portugal on Friday when I heard the sad news of the death of Leonard Nimoy and whilst very saddened was not entirely surprised given his recent health problems.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that his death was … Continue reading

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A field of dreams and memories

Yesterday on my way to collect a customer for a half day tour to Woburn Abbey, I found myself with 15 minutes to spare so I took the opportunity to visit my old childhood park, somewhere I had only visited … Continue reading

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My Grandfathers Clock

It’s no secret that I like travelling.  In particular I love travelling by trains and I hate travelling by planes.  I have always liked travelling by trains even when it is more practical to fly or drive by car. Train … Continue reading

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Childhood, food and a long lost table cloth.

It’s funny in my mind at least how different times were in the 1970’s than they are now.  From a childs point of view we were much like the Victorians in the 19thC than what we are like in the … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Early this week I had what passes as a moment of minor success at my workplace. I managed to secure an order from a customer.  This may sound mundane and indeed it isn’t the greatest achievement ever.  However I have … Continue reading

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Tuning in to Shortwave Radio

For anyone under the age of 90 it i’s easy to forget about the times before the Internet. How difficult it was to find out even simple information such as when the local DIY shop is open? What are the … Continue reading

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Summertime childhood nostalgia

Most people have happy memories of their childhood even if it were not an entirely happy one and for many people it is summer time that they look back with fondness. I remember a lot of my summers with happiness, … Continue reading

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