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Prince Philip – Consort, sailor, charity patron, buffoon and god! 100 Prince Philip gaffes.

Everyone knows that HRH Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Less well known is her husband HRH the Duke of Edinburgh or simply Prince Philip as he is … Continue reading

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Diary Rooms – Being human on the front line in Afghanistan

Following my recent review of Kajaki, I was hit by an unexpected frenzy of interest from those involved with the film participants in the war in Afghanistan in generally.  One interesting email I received was from Derek Eland, himself a … Continue reading

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How wrong can we be?

We are all used to thinking that things are a lot worse than they actually are.  The media make their money from convincing us things are bad and going to get worst.  Opposing political parties insist we are all doomed … Continue reading

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The Great Storm of Saint Jude

Like many people in southern Britain, we have spent the last 4 or 5 days waiting ominously for a great storm to arrive.  We were promised that it would be comparable to the “Hurricane” of 1987, an event I very … Continue reading

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The Secretive Bilderberg 2013 Meeting in Watford, England.

Taking a little break from my travel countdown, today I am going to be writing on an extraordinary meeting taking place just a mile or so from my home in The Grove Hotel, just outside Watford, England. For several day … Continue reading

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Terrrorism returns to London as brave passerby potentially saves many lives.

Yesterday the lunch time news in Britain was headlined by the successful conviction of an IRA terrorist who in 1982 killed 11 people and 7 horses in a twin bombing in London’s Green and Hyde Parks.  By 6pm, a new … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher, her life and legacy

Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher was born the daughter of a Grantham grocer in 1925. Never has a politician so split the country like Mrs Thatcher and as such it will be rather a challenge to give a neural account of … Continue reading

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History of social classes and does class matter?

Much attention was given in the news this week to the announcement that we in Great Britain no longer live in a society of three classes but what does this mean for us and is it important anyway? Britain is … Continue reading

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Strange and unfair taxes

This post was written on the day I lost my dearest Mam and so may not be quite up to my usual efforts but as the saying goes, time and chance happeneth to all so here it is. It was … Continue reading

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Body of King Richard III found under council car park

‘Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of Kings’.  Well we could do that but the ground outside is frozen at this time of year and besides, the previous sentence refers to King Richard … Continue reading

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