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Happy 8th birthday to my blog!

Would you believe that on Sunday I was notified that my blog is 8 years old.  When I started I had no idea that I would still be writing almost a decade later.  I pretty much thought I’d be lucky … Continue reading

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I’m moving house!

Normally I try and have my blog posts pre-written.  In the winter this can be five or six ahead and in the summer just one or two if I’m lucky.   I’m always working 18 hour days and time is … Continue reading

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New Year Musings and Thankyous

I hope you’ve all had a Happy New Year and Christmas period for those who celebrate it. Did anyone do any First Footing at New Year?  This is the beginning of my 7th year of blogging and I’ve written before … Continue reading

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Since I’ve been gone…

If you’re reading this then you may have noticed that I have got a little behind with my blog posting.  I’m hugely sorry about that.  Something has been tapping at my window demanding my attention and sadly that thing is … Continue reading

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Pull up a chair!

For the second time in a few days, the blog I wanted to write didn’t happen.  Today I was going to write a blog on ‘Words’  It was one of those blogs that came easy to me and didn’t require … Continue reading

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Twitter Etiquette – Is Twitter just for twits?

That’s the question I’m asking myself after doing my best to use this apparently essential social media tool.  Firstly to declare my interest as they say on political shows, I’m not much one for Social Media.  I just see most … Continue reading

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2015 blog review in facts and figures

Thank-you to everyone who continues to read my blog.  Back in 2012 I received only 6,000 visits albeit in just 6 months.  2013 saw the beginning of an exponential rise to 45,000 visits.  Incredibly 2014 almost doubled this total with … Continue reading

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Don’t make an advertisement of yourself

Everyone no doubt had phrases uttered to them when they were a child. Some of them made sense and many others didn’t seem to. Whether it was “having your leg pulled” or my Granddads “I’ve got a bone in me … Continue reading

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Using Pinterest for Authors and Bloggers

Recently I became more aware of the social media platform Pinterest.  I must admit that I don’t have much time for Social Media both figuratively and literally.  Self promotion isn’t my thing and I’m generally too busy to complete what … Continue reading

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My latest news!

I hope this post find everyone well.  We’re already in mid-April and so far this year I haven’t posted any updates on what I’m doing and my various projects which superficially might give the impression that I’m rather busy. Actually … Continue reading

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