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Surviving the London Heatwave

Oh the last few weeks, months even have been annoyingly warm, even hot but this last week took the biscuit with scientific temperatures surpassing 40 degrees in London and quite a few other places in the U.K. though practicality, places … Continue reading

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Petrichor – The sweet smell of falling rain.

It’s a sensation most of us familiar with though if you’re living in much of the Northern Hemisphere then like me, it might not be one you’ve been familiar with recently.  The sweet smell of rain or Petrichor.    The … Continue reading

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Mad dogs and Englishmen

You might not realise it if you live elsewhere but for today at least London is about the hottest city on planet earth, not including Paris and err New Delhi.  It’s easy for everyone to scoff at the idea that … Continue reading

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