Facebook is changing so Tsu me

I was one of the last people to take to Facebook.  I was and am too busy to spend time looking at Selfies and when I communicate with friends I prefer to actually meet them or at least write to them properly and not with a TLC… ok Three Letter Acronym.

In fact I really created my profiles there because it was kind of expected of me for my businesses.  Writers and small businesses apparently need Facebook profiles and though it is true that I have sold the odd book through Facebook, I don’t think I have ever even had a serious inquiry for one of my tours which is in sharp contrast to the interest I receive from my blog, tour website and old-fashioned hard-work.

Dear Facebook, it's not you, it's me.  Actually it is you...

Dear Facebook, it’s not you, it’s me. Actually it is you…

However even from a personal stand-point it is hard not to notice how much Facebook has changed even in the year or so that I have been active let alone from when it was first created.  These days it is full of promoted posts that I have little or no interest in and suggested friends or links that I know nothing of and don’t seem to have a promising future with.

It’s clear that for the people behind Facebook, it is all about money and it would be naive to think it was ever anything else. They make Billions from adverts, sponsored posts and promotional campaigns when all we users really want to do is see what our Uncle in Australia is up to or see a friends holiday photo.

Despite my experience with Facebook, it has been an apparent useful and even vital tool for small businesses, people with hobbies that are verging on the edge of becoming a job and those related to crafts such as writing, painting and photography. A well placed update here and a cute photo there can soon lead to fans, friends of friends and people just accidentally stumble across the post providing great publicity.

Recently though Facebook has been curtailing this and such posts are not being naturally publicised as they once were and in January 2015 a new policy is being put in place that will stop these things in favour of paid for advertising posts.    Maybe the long road to this policy had already started before my Facebook début which is why for me it doesn’t seem to be such a big loss.


They don’t want us to reach our friends and audience but would rather show a paid for post of dancing chickens or a celebrity falling over drunk… actually I suppose dancing chickens are quite fun.

However if Facebook does all but ban such people and pages then it will make it all the duller and less interesting place.  Just because I once read an article a friend posted from Time magazine on the war in Ukraine, doesn’t mean I ever want to see any other article by Time myself, especially not the dim-witted posts that pollute my news feed at this time of year.  I do though want to see the updates and news of the people I have an investment in, not monetary as Facebook would want but emotional and physical.  We call them friends and family and those we admire or are interested in for one reason or the other.

Truth About Tsu

Truth About Tsu

Given that I’m not too hot about Facebook and that Facebook doesn’t seem to want offer much for me or want anything from me apart from my money, I’ve decided to branch out and will be starting opt-in mail lists and actively working on the new Tsu (pronounced Sue) social media website.

It looks almost identical to Facebook except it is cleaner and clearer to use and not littered with pesky adverts and suggested readings. Tsu is also fundamentally different than Facebook in a very important way in that it only keeps 10% of the advertising revenue, the rest belongs to us the users or at least us the content creators,  likers and sharers.

Keep it in the family (well your children and grandchildren as Tsu calls them).

Keep it in the family (well your children and grandchildren as Tsu calls them).

Tsu only really started in October but it is a friendly place to be and at the moment you can get in there at the beginning.  Hopefully the ethos behind Tsu will ensure it doesn’t become obsessed with monetising its users and alienating them as Facebook has done.  It really is a cross between Facebook and Twitter with the ability to post updates, photos and use hashtags.  Create Friends and Followers and set-up pages for your hobbies, interests and businesses.

Tsu - Like Facebook but the profit comes to you.

Tsu – Like Facebook but the profit comes to you.

You have to be invited onto Tsu which isn’t really that hard as over 1 million people joined in its first few weeks which is quite a lot less than the 1.32 Billion of Facebook.  You shouldn’t really join Tsu just to make money, as you won’t make a lot but it will be a little and it will come to you, not Facebook and as I mentioned earlier it seems to be much more what I expected Facebook book to be.   You also earn a percentage of what those you invite onto Tsu create, like or share or children and grandchildren as they are known as to those in the know but that’s ok as they will earn from those that they invite onto the network.

Join the new social media Tsunami

Join the new social media Tsunami

Tsu probably isn’t going to change the world just yet but it is a complimentary network just like Twitter, Instagram and many others. Tsu also allows you to share your posts on these other networks so you’re not isolating yourself in any way.

If you fancy spreading your wings, trying something new or just safeguarding your online future against big brother Facebook changes in 2015 then why not check out Tsu.  I think for authors, creative types of all areas and small businesses Tsu could be a great idea.  Really though you just use it just as you do Facebook. You can use click on this link here and use my invite 🙂  https://www.tsu.co/StephenLiddell


About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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7 Responses to Facebook is changing so Tsu me

  1. heikoworld says:

    Hellol Stephen,
    I see it is better to be signed up to Facebook than not at all But, the first part of your post is not to the point, under the “Dear Facebook” I see you are signed up to Social Fixer.com, that is the reason you are not seeing what you want to see, you are in fact seeing it the way Social Fixer wants you to see it and he is one man who wants to change Facebook on his own.
    I have a Facebook account but never rely on it to give me any decent information, only what they want me to see but I can change it to suit myself, I did have Social Fixer but decided to remove it, you can change Social Fixer to see F/B the way you want to see it.
    Have a good Christmas and don`t get to bogged down with Facebook.



    • Hello Heiko,

      many thanks for your comment. I actually just found that photo on an images website and am not subscribed to Social Fixer. It sounds like a good idea but I think the main problems are with Facebook itself 🙂

      Thank-you and a Happy Christmas to you too!


  2. Hmm, I just may check out this Tsu site. I despise Facebook; I deleted my profile in 2010, and I’m happy I never went back. It has nothing of interest to me and frankly, I find it incredibly annoying, like watching a bunch of individual “reality” tv channels.


    • It might be worth you trying it. At least with the comparatively few users you’re less likely to have the annoying sort of posts and all of the commercial stuff. I have already found a wide circle of writers onboard so I will keep at it and see how it goes.

      I do know what you mean about Facebook though, it seems to be the anthesis of what most people want it to be.


  3. Amy Reese says:

    Whoa, another one! I’m fed up with Facebook, too. Have you checked out Ello. People seem to like that one, too. Stephen, I’m so confused! Thanks for the invite. I will check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, there are so many. I will keep using Facebook as that is where most people are but in 2 or 3 days I have become more comfortable and got more use out of Tsu.

      It is nice not to have all those suggested posts and the metrics In Tsu instantly show how many people are viewing your posts which is very useful. I can imagine Tsu could become really useful, especially for creative writers or artists.

      Do look me up when you are there and you can auto link your posts to Facebook.

      I did read about Ello but I saw more positive feedback for Tsu.


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