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Autumn is here or why is weather in Britain so complicated

It is mid-October now but until a day or so ago, we in England were still enjoying to some degree a summer.  This despite the fact that the sun crossed the equator around 3 weeks ago. Until Tuesday, the weather … Continue reading

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My Grandfathers Clock

It’s no secret that I like travelling.  In particular I love travelling by trains and I hate travelling by planes.  I have always liked travelling by trains even when it is more practical to fly or drive by car. Train … Continue reading

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The Hidden Horrors of People Trafficking &Domestic Slavery

As regular readers to my blog will know, we open up our house on the Airbnb website and have been doing so now for more than a year.  I even wrote a Kindle book on how to create a successful … Continue reading

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Childhood, food and a long lost table cloth.

It’s funny in my mind at least how different times were in the 1970’s than they are now.  From a childs point of view we were much like the Victorians in the 19thC than what we are like in the … Continue reading

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