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My close encounter with a London Ghost last week!

It’s still a few days before Halloween and I have a whole plethora of Halloween themed posts as well as from history such as Corpse Roads and Dancing on the Dead at Enon Chapel – The Victorian Sensation! to more recent … Continue reading

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The secret underground road right in the heart of London

It’s hard to believe that just a few minutes walk from the iconic Trafalgar Square or the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, there is an almost forgotten and entirely buried street in the very centre of London. It’s rarely … Continue reading

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The Enfield Poltergeist

It’s Halloween time again and this year I’d like to tell you about one of the best documented and most irrefutable cases of otherworldly spookiness that shook London in the 1970’s and quickly came to be known as The Enfield … Continue reading

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EVP and things that go bump in the night

I spent several days wondering whether to write this or not and when you read it, you’ll probably know why. It’s been over two years now since my mother died and I miss her just as much as I did … Continue reading

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Top Ten Haunted Places in the U.K.

Tomorrow I am going to re-post my Halloween post from last year as both it and my bonfire night articles are always very popular and many of my readers weren’t following me then but for today to get us into … Continue reading

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