My Zombie Safe House – Where would you go at the end of the world?

Obviously this is a stupid question that I don’t expect anyone to answer for a number of reasons. First of all, with all the ways the world could end, zombie apocalypse is unlikely to be the one. Secondly of course, officially Zombies don’t exist (although Russia is reportedly developing a serum that turns people into Zombies so maybe you should keep reading just to be safe). Thirdly and most importantly, I don’t expect anyone to tell us publicly where there Zombie hideout is likely to be as it would be stupid to give out that information in public! If you do, don’t come crying to be when you are under siege or worse still, locked outside your safe-house because a fellow blogger has got in there first. I’m sure we are all nice folks here but the end of the world can do funny things to people.

Zombie Emergency

Think you are at risk of Zombies? Read this first, it may save your life.

Going by the leading authorities on Zombie attacks, the films of George Romero and other latter day films such as the 28 Day Later series, Shaun of The Dead and the new World War Z movie; if we wake up to a Zombie outbreak we have two basic choices. To stayput and hope for the best or to make a run for it to a safer location.

By safer, generally when we are talking Zombies we mean more isolated. With very few instances only people seem to be prone to erupting from the grave though there are reported instances of animals or even vehicles taking a turn for the worse.

What choice you make largely depends on your location. If you live in a city such as London or New York then on the face of it you are really screwed. Millions of people mean millions of Zombies. Being stuck on London Underground in the rush hour is a big enough nightmare but when flesh-eating zombies get onto the escalators, it isn’t going to pretty and you just know that if you make it to the surface then the person in front won’t be able to open the ticket barriers.

Zombie Survivability Map USA

As alluded to in my text, big cities are a death-trap during a Zombie outbreak. Head away from the coasts of America if you want a chance of survival!

The only long-term solution is to hide-up in a high-rise building with a very secure entrance or in a locked up shopping centre or sports arena where you should also have the bonus of having a food supply.

If you live in the suburbs like me then you are probably torn over what to do. I don’t blame you, it keeps me awake at night sometimes too though not I suspect as much as it would do if Zombies were walking the streets outside. We probably have enough food to not have to leave our house for 2 or 3 months and presuming Zombie contaminants don’t infiltrate the water supply we are doing ok. Of course that is a superficial re-assurance and I don’t take too much heart from that as within days it would be possible that the power stations that power the water pumps stop working as all their workers have been eaten. So unless I want to live through this disaster on diet coke cans then it would be necessary to get some water. It is 1.2 miles to the canal which is an eternity to collect water and knowing my look we would have a drought to stop us collecting our own water.

Even if we managed to presume we had enough supplies, could we live for weeks or possibly months without anyone noticing us. We might only have a few hundred people in the neighbourhood so if things went well we probably could go unnoticed but if any survivors tried to enter the house they would probably lead the Zombies right to us.

Therefore, my longer term strategy would be to consider fleeing to a more isolated area. Our car is parked just across the street and providing the Zombies don’t appear when the parents are double parked and collecting their children from school, it should be easy enough to get going.

I’m not giving anyone advice here, if Zombies do break out and somehow you follow my tactics and only partially survive, I don’t want anyone suing me. We’re all grown ups. Living in a desert area, I would get to an oasis and survive on dates, fish and bananas which wouldn’t be my first choice as I don’t really like fish or bananas. I think if I lived in North America or Asia then I would head for the highest, forested and most defend-able strongholds and make yourself a little fort. Best of all would be to find yourself a little and preferably deserted island off-shore or on a river or lake. Zombies can’t generally swim. Britain is an island which is good (so long as the Zombies don’t only appear here in which case we are royally shafted) but on the bad side the 65 million people here are almost certainly likely to get zombified one way or the other.

The chances of me making it to a remote off-shore island are pretty remote, the roads to the ferry terminals are always busy at the best of times and anyone who has watched the films knows that the main roads are always the first place that get clogged up and then that is the end of you.

I could try visiting the old WW2 bunker which is just 2 miles walk away and it also has a narrow lane that goes straight there. If I could get there then all well and good, it is totally defend-able but sadly it lays right next to a hospital from an old insane asylum grave-yard which is said to include the grave of a suspect of being Jack The Ripper… I definitely don’t want to bump into him. Can you imagine that, as zombies go, Jack would just be a total and utter nightmare.

There are all manner of natural and man-made fortresses just off the coast of Southern England which would make great refuges but, anyone with half a brain (well a full brain as a half brain means you’ve been eaten by Zombies) who lives by the sea will have already grabbed them.

There are plenty of Nuclear bunkers across North American, the UK and Europe and these would make an ideal hide-out except of course that you have to know where they are. Even if you find one then you have to hope it no longer has military personnel guarding otherwise you can bet your bottom dollar that the sentry will let in his best friend whose girlfriends brother will eventually turn into a Zombie.

Zombie Britain

This is a Heat Map of project Zombie Infestation in the U.K. My plan is to escape the middle of the predicted Zombie Army in S.E England (that huge red Zombie infested area) and make it to that dark green area between the two islands of red near the top of the map.

My plan is to go to the northern Pennines area. There are lots of good points about this, none more than the fact that much of it has no people in it. It’s also an area that I know quite well. As long as you don’t mind being cold and eating sheep and grouse then I think it is a great place to wait out the Zombies. There are hundreds of abandoned stone shepherd huts and no Zombie worthy of the name is going to go searching the moors just on the off-chance of finding me.

The hardest part will be getting there. It is 300 miles through very crowded areas. I can only think that the my best chance of making it is to take the local roads and avoid motorways altogether. Maybe with a bike in the boot just in case using the car becomes impossible during the journey.

Obviously I’d love to tell you exactly where I am going to but that would be telling.

rted farmhouse

A typically deserted farmhouse in the Pennines. I’d be going to one with absolutely no neighbours in sight.

Zombie outbreaks aren’t forever. Zombies can be killed, generally by separating their head from their body. Once the initial outbreak of Zombies catches everyone off-guard, providing you can survive long enough then usually the Military will get on top of things but this can take several months. It’s also important to have a clear indication that you are human and not a Zombie. Far too many people die at the end of movies because they are mistaken for the undead and either get shot by an American marine or get blown away by a RAF jet. Don’t let it happen to you.

Basic Zombie Survival Guide

1. Make sure you are armed at all times. If like me, you live in a country with no fire-arms then cricket bats, baseball bats or golf clubs are always a good way to take-out a Zombie.

2. Always make sure if you steal a car, it has some fuel in it. The noise of a car engine failing to start-up is a sure sign to Zombies that there is food in the area.

3. If you ever meet with other stragglers, my advice is to ditch them. They will argue with you, use your supplies and more often than not cause an argument which will get an innocent person killed, your hide-out to be discovered or your car to hit a tree or building.

4. No matter how long you have known someone. If one of your friends starts suffering from a headache, fever or looks at you in a hungry, longing stare, lose them. Under no circumstances turn your back on anyone.

If you have any comments or other tips to survive a Zombie onslaught. Remember Zombies are possible, people who say otherwise are trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Simple pre-planning now might just save your life.

History of Zombie Attacks

Your kindly blogger provides you with this poster as a public service. Knowledge is power, don’t die of ignorance!

About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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25 Responses to My Zombie Safe House – Where would you go at the end of the world?

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    Hilarious post. I often have a “discussion: with my teenage children about zombies in movies. It seems I am old and don’t know a thing. I still don’t get them. Oops…I hope I did not bring a zombie curse upon myself by saying that 😦


    • I am not sure if Zombies can go on the internet so you should be ok 🙂 Things used to be easier for us in the old days when Zombies could only walk or crawl but these days they can run and jump like an Olympics athlete so it is easy to get behind with knowing all about them these days 🙂 I am glad you liked the post!


  2. Brilliantly funny!


  3. yerpirate says:

    Have a cup of tea mate..think you’ve been gardening in the sun a long time…..!


  4. Mike Crape says:

    Love this! Great work Stephen, truly made my day and good compilation of all things Zombie and hope no one is double parked when the time comes to flee north! Cheers!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Normally if they double park me then I will politely ask them to move but under the circumstances, I might just ram through them. They deserve to be zombiefied anyway!


  5. It’s true, Stephen. A home on an island like Britain is a risk: either you’re completely safe and sterile, or you’re infested, 100%, and the world may even quarantine you. Interestingly, Manhattan is an island, too…

    My advice? A cricket/baseball bat won’t do. Think kitchen drawer!

    A very entertaining article 🙂


    • That’s very true. I think it was 28 Days Later where Britain was infected by zombies and it was quarantined with a few rebel areas in the north where safe-zones were established. If the rest of the USA got infected, Manhattan would be a great place to hold them off but the bridges might have to be blown up just to be safe 🙂


  6. Alex H says:

    This post is incredible.Nice share and keep on with good work.Alex,Thanks.


  7. I once did a post about the end of the world. A nuclear bunker would be a good bet. But if I could choose literally anywhere, it’d be the moon. I haven’t quite thought through the details, but it’s hardly relevant at this point. I do know that I’d probably get there in a similar fashion to that guy in the movie Up! After that, erm, not sure.

    In all seriousness? Well, it’s a dark thought, but would you want to survive? Maybe death is the best option.


    • That is a good point. I think whether it is worth surviving depends on how many people survive with you and where you are left. Once the supermarket food has gone it would be hard to live in a city with no space to grow food or find clean water but living on your own as a wondering nomad through the country doesn’t sound that good either.


  8. infomediaman says:

    Glad I read this, I did not know how unprepared my house and family are. Zombie preparation should not be taken lightly, and all precautions should be taken to preserve the human race in its current state, (as opposed to zombie state). Excellent article, and I will soon be implementing family drills and putting up wall maps.


    • I watched a documentary a few month ago about some guy who has buried food, weapons and even boats at various locations on islands on the River Thames and he wouldn’t even let the film crew know where they were going to.

      I’m glad to be of assistance and hope you and your family will be ready when the time comes!


  9. I always thought that the one bonus of a zombie outbreak, or any other end of days scenario, was that there would be no more reality TV – which has had a zombifying effect on the population anyway, numbing brains and all that. So such an outbreak is not all bad right? That was until I saw “Dead Set” where everyone’s a zombie except for the inhabitants of the Big Brother house.


  10. That really would be the end of the world when only the Big Brother contestants were the sole survivors. It would make for some good moments in the diary room though.

    Yes, all these reality shows and soaps have turned people into zombies. Never mind so many are poor or all the wars and famines, lets just watch talentless celebrities trying to dance/sing/cook.

    I have to say I have recently got into the Canadian tv show, Mantracker. If you can keep ahead of him then zombies should be easy.


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  15. Boyer Writes says:

    Just read your blog from 2013…I know I am a little behind. My husband says about your Zombie Map of the U.S.A., ‘CEASE AND DESIST” advertising that Florida has NO ZOMBIES. We have enough escapees from up north (New York, New Jersey etc)…and we are truly running out of fresh water since Disney built fantasy land. Woe is us! From your friend across the Pond, Nancy

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m terribly sorry that my map is a little out of date! I will remember that should I ever be in the USA during a zombie apocalypse! Aside from your good selves, if I were to ever visit Florida it would be to see the Space Centre and also to watch the Miami Dolphins who I have supported since around 1982.


      • Boyer Writes says:

        Great choice…the Space Center. SpaceX/Nasa will be doing a historic launch this Saturday, May 30 at 3pm Eastern time, USA with two astronauts aboard. (Not certain what time it would be in England for you to view on Fox News etc. channels ) By the way, both astronauts are married to female astronauts. Can’t imagine their conversations!! Please don’t ever come to the USA without letting us know because we would love to meet up with you somewhere. I’m expecting that we’ll be able to do that…and you’ll be well enough to travel. Keep the faith…and look for better times! Nancy

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve seen the Space Shuttle several times as 15 minutes or so after take off, its trajectory would go right over my childhood home and as I have moved back to just 2 streets away I imagine I may see tonights too.


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