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Kate Middleton is having another baby. There, I’ve said it… I hate her!

It’s not often I write anything like my opinion on anything but today it has been announced that Kate Middleton is expecting her third child.  Hurray!  Good for the future 3rd in line sprog to the British throne. However, I … Continue reading

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The Do’s and Dont’s when you meet The Queen

If you are ever fortunate or indeed unfortunate enough to meet The Queen then there are certain protocols that are expected.   Indeed when meeting any royal, there are rules about who can speak first, where to look, what to … Continue reading

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From the Palace to the Jungle

You don’t have to have been to London to know what The Household Cavalry look like.  With their bright red uniforms, highly polish breastplates and distinctive tasseled helmets.   Their traditions date back to 1680 and are the personal mounted escort … Continue reading

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Why does the Queen have 2 birthdays?

Today  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday.   Reaching 90 years of age is reason enough to celebrate for any of us but this is the second time the Queen has reached 90 as she also had … Continue reading

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Royal Feasts through the ages

Yesterday I had the good fortune of being allowed inside the banquet house of King William III at Hampton Court.  A building big enough to house many of the hoi-polloi but a mere dot on the huge expanse which is Hampton … Continue reading

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Longest reign over us – Queen Elizabeth II becomes our longest serving monarch in history

Today is one of those typically historic but low-level sort of days when The Queen becomes the longest serving British monarch in history, surpassing the magnificent reign of Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years and 216 days and died … Continue reading

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The Queen – Her powers, perks and privileges.

It seems likely that September 9th will see Queen Elizabeth II surpass the achievement of her Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria, and become the longest ever serving monarch in British history.   Whilst the role of the monarch has long since … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Parliament

On Thursday evening I was kindly invited on a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament by my local MP, Richard Harrington.  Before I write-up a post about the tour itself I thought this would give a great opportunity to … Continue reading

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I Salute You – The History of Saluting

Saluting is primarily but not exclusively a military sign of respect with a very long history.  This week it hit the news that some senior officers have become upset as recruits are not showing them the respect they are due … Continue reading

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A reigny visit to Sandringham House

Todays blog may well be a little shorter than those so far this week. This is partly due to a rather surreal turn of events this morning which I will explain tomorrow and has somewhat delayed me but also as … Continue reading

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