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From the Palace to the Jungle

You don’t have to have been to London to know what The Household Cavalry look like.  With their bright red uniforms, highly polish breastplates and distinctive tasseled helmets.   Their traditions date back to 1680 and are the personal mounted escort … Continue reading

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Animation of Allied bombing raids on Nazi occupied Europe

I was going to write something entirely different today and indeed had even started writing it when I happened across a segment of this newly released animated video by the Imperial War Museum in London which I thought many others … Continue reading

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Are British really obsessed with weather

Earlier this week I posted about whether the widely known stereotype of us British having bad teeth had any validity?  In the end, it had none at all and we can rest easy knowing there are few with more healthy … Continue reading

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Better Together – Scottish Separatist Referendum

For everyone living in the U.K., we’ve all been aware that the big day has been approaching for years (indeed some have been waiting for it for 300 years) whilst for everyone overseas, if you didn’t know there was going … Continue reading

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My life is too short for long scroll-bar selections

Do any of you remember the old fashioned telephones.  I don’t mean just the ones that have a cable that connects into the wall but those with a dial on the front rather than push-buttons. I always liked those phones … Continue reading

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