Kate Middleton is having another baby. There, I’ve said it… I hate her!

It’s not often I write anything like my opinion on anything but today it has been announced that Kate Middleton is expecting her third child.  Hurray!  Good for the future 3rd in line sprog to the British throne.

However, I really believe that it is irresponsible for people who live on social support to deliberately have large families.   Like it or not, Kate and William are on social support.  They enjoy lives of enormous privilege at our cost.

Whilst I don’t begrudge them having 2 children and when it comes to Royalty you always need a spare just in case.  Why 3?   It is us who have to pay for them.  In 25 years time it will be us paying for 3 senior royal children along with 3 royal households, 3 protection squads, 3 of everything when otherwise 2 would do.

I have always had a really low opinion of Kate Middleton, as much as I give her any thought whatsoever.  Just what does she do?  What has she ever done?  Despite what the media claim, I don’t think she is all that.  She looks old and dowdy and is probably the less beautiful of the Middleton sisters.   That’s ok, not everyone can look beautiful, as no doubt her balding at the age of 19 husband must know.  However, there is seemingly no redemption in her character either.


She comes from a very well to do middle-class family who enjoyed a very expensive private education and then went to University solely it seemed at the time and still today to throw herself at Prince William.  In fact, she was almost a subject of scorn in the media back then as it was so obvious that the only time she got off her lazy behind was when  was fawning over William

Finally, since leaving University, she barely had any real job whatsoever.   She spent around 18 months trying to set up her own business but couldn’t get that off the ground.  I’m not sure why as it took me around 10 minutes to start mine and with none of the wealth or support she must have had.

Then she tried her hand at being a purchaser for a high-street store but quit after a few months as it wasn’t for her.   I’m guessing it was the whole ‘work’ thing that wasn’t for her.

Finally she fell back on ‘working’ for her parents online company before she got herself hitched.

She has been particularly workshy since she got married, even more so than her husband who at least got himself a cushy job as a rescue pilot.  Even so his levels of public engagements have been shockingly low and far surpassed by The Queen and Prince Philip who are both in their 90’s.

Just what is Kate good for, excluding the happy news from today?   Does anyone actually know what her voice sounds like?  Princess Diana was forever on the news at public engagements and lending her name to various good causes.  The only good cause Kate seems to believe in his social climbing and living off the work and wealth of others.

Kate Middleton represents the worst of female aspirations – to be such a completely empty vessel that her only definition as a human being is who she married and to whom she gave birth.    So yeah, I’m just overjoyed to be paying out for another one of her sprogs.  Let’s hope unlike their mother, they can do a days work between the 3 of them.



About Stephen Liddell

I am a writer and traveller with a penchant for history and getting off the beaten track. With several books to my name including several #1 sellers. I also write environmental, travel and history articles for magazines as well as freelance work. I run my private tours company with one tour stated by the leading travel website as being with the #1 authentic London Experience. Recently I've appeared on BBC Radio and Bloomberg TV and am waiting on the filming of a ghost story on British TV. I run my own private UK tours company (Ye Olde England Tours) with small, private and totally customisable guided tours run by myself!
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24 Responses to Kate Middleton is having another baby. There, I’ve said it… I hate her!

  1. Ian J Wilson says:

    Sorry mate but your article/opinion is poorly researched. The royal estate pays 100% tax, they don’t take a single penny. Instead the government pays back a tiny percentage as a stipend to pay for maintenance and royal engagements. They are actually one of the largest singe tax contributors in the UK not a cost burden on tax payers. I’m not saying they are poor of course, but your facts are wrong. Lets not even begin to mention the vast sums or tourist dollars they bring unto the economy, some of which your own business is gratefully consuming… I don’t expect to change your opinion of course, your mind is set, but its only fair to point out the flaw in your belief so that others can make a fair conclusion.

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    • I’m not disputing any of what you say but also what you say doesn’t change any of the things I’ve said either. The figures themselves show in 2016 that the Royal Family as a whole cost 62 pence a year, per person. I don’t begrudge that to any of the hard working royals of which there are many but Kate has never been one. Also, no commercial guided tours are allowed in Royal properties as I found out straight away. I’m not a republican (in the British sense for American readers) but if any other ‘major’ Royals have done less then I’d like to know. I guess we just have a difference of opinion 🙂

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      • Ian J Wilson says:

        But that’s not a fact, its a misleading daily rag headline that you chose to believe because you want to, not because its true. The royal estate contributes roughly 7 times more than the stipend pays back so they didn’t cost any tax payer anything at all. “The amount of the Sovereign Grant is 15% of the income account net surplus of the Crown Estate for the financial year that began two years previously.” and is paid directly by the treasury. Up until now i have found your blog interesting, full of facts and useful information but you are letting yourself down. Yes you hate the royals, that’s fair enough but to propagate red paper headlines without doing even basic fact checking is less than i have come to expect of you 😦


        • Actually I don’t hate the royals at all and have done several positive Royal posts over the years. That figure comes from The Daily Telegraph which is hardly anti-Royal in any way. I haven’t seen anyone else say that they hate Kate though several have said that she and William could up their workload 🙂 Only two paragraphs mention about the costs whilst eight centre themselves entirely on Kate and her wonderfully hard working self which I’m not sure you are actually disputing 🙂 I actually wrote the post to put forward an alternative point of view instead of the fawning media reports which will not be very hard to find. If The Sun (which you used to read a lot) or Mirror or Star have a headline tomorrow saying Kate is really lazy then I will eat my hat 🙂

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  2. Normally, I simply ignore the multitude of articles on the Royals; but, I’ll make an exception in this case.

    Bravo, Stephen!

    That the U.K. continues to sanctify this Royal lineage as a government institution is its own business. Personally, as an American, I think it’s an archaic practice. Furthermore, I find the idea of hereditary privilege rather repulsive and an affront to the legal concept of equal rights for all citizens. Still, traditions hold strong and I’ll not be so presumptuous as to tell the good people of Britain and Northern Ireland how to run their country.

    My disgust over the Royals has nothing to do with the distinction between the rule-of-law (i.e. republicanism) and arbitrary rule-by-decree (which is effectively superficial and symbolic in the U.K. anyway). No, what really irks me is the popularity of the Royals in the U.S. Many Americans and our devolved entertainment/news media fawn over royal high-jinks like the frivolous human chattel of the King’s court, and I’m sick of it! With so many “Loyalists” here in the States, how ever did the Crown lose America’s war for independence? [it’s a rhetorical question]

    End of rant. 🙂

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    • Thankyou Robert! Yes I can see your points with Britain. I actually support our unelected House Of Lords even if it is anachronistic so I’m definitely not Anti-Royal. That said I like to make my own mind in things and not go with the flow and in the UK it is very easy to do that with the Royals, especially wonderful Kate and William!

      I appreciate its hard to comment on other nations politics which is why I rarely do so. From the other perspective, many in the UK find it odd that there are political dynasties in the USA such as the Clintons, Bushes and Kennedys…. if you want that then have a monarchy!

      I can imagine that drives you mad. I used to work for an American firm and at the time of the last big Royal Wedding, even our older British staff couldn’t believe how excited our American friends were whilst we were all a bit blasé about it, I’m sure there are more important things for Americans to be concerned about rather than our royals. I feel exactly the same with Hollywood glamour. I really could care less.

      Thankyou for the rant and support 🙂

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  3. Boyer Writes says:

    Since I don’t live in England and don’t have any connection to the Royals…unless they are on the U.S. soil and take time away from our police and security forces, which we desperately need full-time in our anti-everything country…I can only say “at least you got the way you feel off your chest. Sometimes it is good to do that.”
    Our new President and First Lady, who are our sort-of Royals, can’t walk out their door unless we are told the cost of the dress…the shoes being worn to a disaster, flooded Texas…and every other detail of their lives by the Press.
    Who would ever want to be in their “shoes”…Royal or not…is hard for me to understand. For whatever reason, they have given up …by birth or marriage …the wonderful privilege of PRIVACY. I love going to the Mom and Pop restaurant down our mountain in my jeans without a camera in my face…or a blog written about me. Regardless, they are who they are…and nothing is going to change that or the press. Sad to say. Love your history blogs…leave the Royals alone…and give us more of the good stuff. Your blogging friend across the great pond. Nancy

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    • Hi Nancy, many thanks for your comments. Yes, it is similar here, we are always told the Royals costs…. well if you have Royal Family they will cost money. The same if you have a President. What matters more should be whether they are good people or at least good at their jobs. I know recently the younger royals have spoken on the baggage and burden of being a Royal and the Queen continues to work hard every day almost 30 years after most people finish with their job. There is lots more history to come. I’ve been blogging over 5 years now, I hope I will make it to 10. Many thanks and Happy Labor Day – Stephen


  4. I like the historical continuity of the royal family , but see no actual virtue in individual members who have not yet proven their great value to the country like the Queen herself. Kate Middleton struck it lucky, time will tell if she is an asset to the country.

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    • I quite agree with you. I don’t yet see much of value in the current generation. Of course they can only prove their worth through the course of their lives but Kate is almost as old as Diana was at her death and I can find nothing that makes Kate comparable. Whatever faults she had, Diana would do prominent work for AIDS awareness or victims of land mines etc. Charles was well known for his views on the environment, organic or old fashioned farming and building types. Kate has a lot to do to be in any way comparable in the next year or two.

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  5. Graham says:

    Expect a visit from the royal security contingent soon…😄. I imagine Kate’s presence in the royal family is largely to avoid inbreeding in the grand scheme of things…but then the press did enjoy putting forward the opinion she is middle class in an effort to get the public to love the royals more…I think by and large it worked. Given the number of kids they have, it wouldn’t bother me much about a lack of duties if they were full-time parents…but I am pretty sure they will have nannies involved so I think you are probably right to be sceptical. I am not sure that there will ever be another royal who commands the respect and has the work ethic of the Queen but time will tell.

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    • Yes what with them, the North Koreans due to my dig at his hair cut and my occasional joke about Putin and his man boobs. I doubt I will make it through the night :-). Yes I think you’re right about Kate as was likely the case for Diana it’s just that William seems to actually love his wife. It is amazing how their PR machine works. Charles went from hated to at least tolerated to once again hated. Harry went from Nazi costume wearer to Las Vegas Party goer to lovable rogue. I was going to mention the nannies, apparently one or two of Kate’s most depended on staff have recently quit with more possible which does at least show she has lots of help too. I agree about the bit about if they were full-time parents. I agree, I can’t see William and Kate working when they are in their 90s. I’m losing hope it will happen in their 30s.

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      • Graham says:

        I think we are all too easily influenced by the media in all manner of things in the world. Everyone needs to take a step back every now and again. You mention North Korea, I was pondering who benefits from the North Korean sabre rattling at present…potentially North Korea might eventually benefit I suppose (along with whoever sells them weapons and expertise) but it also occurred to me that the Americans could benefit if they start to block trade from China…so I wondered if maybe all of this is somehow about trade and making America great again. Interesting times.

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        • I think you’re right and as time goes on, more and more seem to believe exactly what they are told even if the authority of the media is increasingly called into question, I’m sure the USA will benefit nicely in any leave that might come afterwards. Who knows whether the North Korea leadership hasn’t all ready got immunity from a country like China or Russia and they just want to cause some mischief. Also china itself could surely have done more but its in their interest to keep a low level harmless oddball communist nation at their border than a fully fledged democratic enemy with lots of western hardware that just happens to be there to support the new friendly regime.

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  6. Francis says:

    Exciting reading the comments on the article. At least people stick their necks out. Too many are frightened of having it cut in half…

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    • Yes, one of the reasons I wrote it was to get a little debate going. One of my Facebook friends actually shared this post on his page and felt he had to remove as it was causing arguments which say a lot. I will just let the past achievements and current work ethic of Kate speak for themselves. Was it Mark Twain that said that whenever you find yourself in the views of the majority then you should pause and reflect?

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      • Nasreen Hanif says:

        We say we live in a country with freedom of speech, but I was shocked when a British Council Director said something similar to this discussion (monarchy outdated; privileged and living on public funds) – and lost her job. From day one anyone who has spoken the truth about Kate’s less than pleasant side has suffered. Remember the military man the day after she got married? I think it’s disgusting that she lives off working people’s taxes – and then strikes the blow. Marie- Antoinette all over.

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  7. mycornertotalkalatte says:

    Ok, I have to admit, I get where you are coming from and I literally laughed at this entire post! I really love Kate’s style and was looking up pictures for one of my new posts about her. I try to ignore how she got to where she is, cause frankly, I think her mother had a lot to do with it. And yes, many overlook her families “social climbing” ways. Nevertheless, I do think she has played her role flawlessly and has definitely upgraded the royal family image. Well written post!

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  8. Nasreen Hanif says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. Well done Stephen for expressing my opinion and frequent thoughts/comments. Glad to know not everyone is taken in by this waste of space, the overactive PR machine and the fawning media. Absolute tosh re: the tourism argument. I have travelled the world extensively and lived in many countries. Never with a goal of bowing to a royal family. Irrelevant. Respect the Queen. Though her values are no longer popular as witnessed when Diana died. So she has to accept Middleton – and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Markle is on board. I keep thinking it’s Harry in Vegas mode, one great big April Fool – if only.

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  10. Dean says:

    I hate her too. She’s basically useless. I really wish they’ll divorce before William takes the throne, because Middleton being a consort would be an insult to all the previous English and British consorts. And I agree with you that she’s not particularly beautiful. I have no idea why everyone raves about her beauty. She looks like an average Caucasian woman! 75% of the girls in my university are hotter than that woman. I wish Elizabeth and Charles live and reigns as long as possible so that this thing won’t come to the throne soon.

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