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Very Sad Poetry Book – Cover Art For My New Book

They say there is no money in poetry but there is no poetry in money. Some things though are more important than money like ones soul. I’ve deliberately chosen a genre very different than any I have written before and … Continue reading

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Things I wish I’d known about grief

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything today or not but I thought why not, it will likely be the last post on my Mam and I thought this one might be more positive and help others. … Continue reading

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A letter to Mama

Today would have been my mothers 64th birthday, her first since she unexpectedly died almost a year ago so I thought it was high time that I caught up with her and updated her with some of my news and … Continue reading

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Thoughts of past and present

Those of you who follow my blog closely may have noticed that I haven’t posted much since I was on my holiday.  There are no particular reasons for this except I have had lots of non-blog things to do since … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to my Mam

Whilst everyone else including myself was winding down and looking forward to having the next day off for Easter, my poor mother was dying. This wasn’t the first time that she had suffered from cancer or had serious operations as … Continue reading

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