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The mysterious Lud Church and the Green Knight

Lud Church isn’t even a church at all but actually a hard to find crevice in the Staffordshire countryside on the south-west fringes of the Peak District.  A narrow canyon in the ground over over 100 metres (328.1 ft) long and … Continue reading

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It’s always sunny in Norfolk

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that my Saturday post is actually a day late.  It isn’t due to the summer solstice which is what I would have posted if only I had been able to but simply … Continue reading

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A day out at Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral

This week I’ve  had the pleasure of giving two guided tours to Bruce and Heidi from Denver, Colorado.  They are a really nice couple and extremely interested in their history and all things British.  Our walking tour of London was … Continue reading

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A spring time walk through The Shire

With it being a long bank holiday weekend in the U.K. and horror of horrors, warm sunny weather, I have been out and about. Sitting in the sun, walking down quiet lanes, smelling flowers, watching nature and visiting the odd … Continue reading

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The English Landscape Garden

Given that it’s Easter time, the traditional beginning to the summer season in the U.K., it means that I’m once again able to enjoy the countless country gardens around and about. Many have seen our gardens on various TV shows … Continue reading

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Autumn is here or why is weather in Britain so complicated

It is mid-October now but until a day or so ago, we in England were still enjoying to some degree a summer.  This despite the fact that the sun crossed the equator around 3 weeks ago. Until Tuesday, the weather … Continue reading

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Childhood, food and a long lost table cloth.

It’s funny in my mind at least how different times were in the 1970’s than they are now.  From a childs point of view we were much like the Victorians in the 19thC than what we are like in the … Continue reading

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