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Coronavirus Diary 49 – A thing of beauty

Traditionally gardens are meant to be a thing of beauty but when I started working on mine, there was nothing beautiful about it. Now there is a lawn and a patio and a little though empty raised bed for herbs … Continue reading

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The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace – Benedictus

Do you ever have a situation where you hear a piece of music and don’t know what it is?  Perhaps you hear a new song on the radio that you like the sound of but miss the introduction at the … Continue reading

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Beauty & The Beast – Double Standards in Ancient Greece

Standards of beauty have always changed through the years and from country to country.  What is fashionable in one time and place may not be in the other.  Whilst today is most Western countries it is considered trendy to sport … Continue reading

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A spring time walk through The Shire

With it being a long bank holiday weekend in the U.K. and horror of horrors, warm sunny weather, I have been out and about. Sitting in the sun, walking down quiet lanes, smelling flowers, watching nature and visiting the odd … Continue reading

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You think that you know Great Britain?

It easy for people who don’t live here (and even for some of us who do) to think that everything in Britain is old. We’re famous for old buildings and traditions but huge construction projects such as the London Olympics … Continue reading

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Calligraphy: The Art of writing or why I bought a Fountain Pen

I don’t know about you but I hate pens. Not all pens but just the cheap throw-away biro type pens that we all seem to have to endure these days. The sort of pens that 20 years ago would be … Continue reading

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The Black Marble : The Earth from Space at night

Last week NASA released a number of fantastic images detailing our planet at night under their Black Marble project.  It took hundreds of orbits before the planet could be fully mapped and below are some of the images which I … Continue reading

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Special movie moment in an otherwise bad film

Everybody has their favourite films that they like for whatever reasons. I like watching films generally and happily admit that sometimes even the most mundane and even bad film has a redeeming scene. Sometimes it is an amazing scene which … Continue reading

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