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I just watched the last year of Game of Thrones and loved it!

It’s taken me a Iittle time, well around two years but I finally got round to watching the last year of Game of Thrones.  I actually watched the final two years of Game of Thrones in a week as I … Continue reading

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My final Map Medlee!

This is the final posting in my recent collection of motley maps, at least for now.     France is a pretty big country by any going, the only European nation that wouldn’t necessarily be dwarfed by countries on other … Continue reading

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Prince Eustace and Joffrey

Once again, much of the television watching world is gripped by the latest installments of Game of Thrones.  Not myself sadly as I don’t have access to the channel that broadcasts it in the U.K. so face another long and … Continue reading

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Every Game of Thrones Infographic You Could Ever Need

With Game of Thrones just around the corner for many and hopefully my year long belief that Jon Snow is not permanently dead about to be proven right, I thought that I would do a special post full of entertaining … Continue reading

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Visiting the Trsteno Arboretum

After visiting both Mostar and Montenegro in successive 12 hour trips and many days of hiking up mountains, climbing city walls and the excitement of long car rides and boat trips I felt like I needed an easy day.  I’d … Continue reading

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Fort Lovrijenac, Fort Imperial & the Dubrovnik Cable Car

Fort Lovrijenac is an imposing 3 sided castle overlooking the main entrances to Dubrovnik by land and sea. It is said that in the 11th century the rising maritime power of Venice identified the rocks on which it is built … Continue reading

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Walking the walls of Dubrovnik 

My first full day at Dubrovnik had a mighty big to-do list even if I were only to visit the highlights. Of course if you come to Dubrovnik and only do one thing, walking the city walls is that thing. … Continue reading

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Dubrovnik Day 1

I remember wanting to visit Dubrovnik even as a teenager. I was a well-read child (quelle surprise) and somehow even in the 1980s I was well aware of it. As a near adult, Dubrovnik hit the headlines for all the … Continue reading

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UK General Election – Game of Thrones Style

Today is the day of the U.K. General Election.  Voting used to be easy and just a choice between the Conservatives and Labour but these days it has got more longwinded and complicated that a George R R Martin series … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – The fact behind the fiction

Like many others I am an avid fan of Game of Thrones, not the novels as I simply don’t have time to read them but most definitely the television series.  However I don’t have access to the particular TV channel … Continue reading

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