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General Election Result 2019

I don’t normally talk politics on my blog, it seems a growing minority of people have become increasingly immature to talk about disagreements in a civil fashion.  I thought to make a rare exception as I did after the Brexit … Continue reading

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Politics might be serious but elections don’t have to be.

Politics is generally a serious profession, albeit one so often mired in lies, broken promises and unachievable policies.  General Elections are the one time we have a chance to change the government at a national level.  Whereas in most countries … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn – Power to the people!

I don’t often write about politics unless something exception is happening and at the moment something very exceptional is definitely happening in the U.K. and to differing degrees across Europe and the USA. Before General Election in May, I penned … Continue reading

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UK General Election – Game of Thrones Style

Today is the day of the U.K. General Election.  Voting used to be easy and just a choice between the Conservatives and Labour but these days it has got more longwinded and complicated that a George R R Martin series … Continue reading

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Who to vote for when all the political parties suck?

In the U.K. we have our General Election on 7th May 2015 and whilst I don’t generally blog on politics I thought I’d make an exception given how this election seems to be even more important than usual.  I could have … Continue reading

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