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Coronavirus Diary 41 – A life of being nice doesn’t pay.

A few days ago I had a phone call from the Police.  We ended up talking for around 90 minutes; not just having a chinwag but we were going through a statement about one of the recent crimes I suffered. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 39 – The false dawn

I hope everyone is well.   Before I get to my post I read for the first time a news-piece that actually related to me during these virus ridden times. “Solo lockdown is really tough. While people on Twitter and Facebook … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 38 – Mirrors, Masks and bank robbery!

Yesterday I secured a mini victory in the impossible mission of sorting out a house with no money, no shops and no tradesman.  I found a happily foolproof way of attaching things to 200 year old wars and I went … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 36 -Surprises, good and bad.

I’ve had a sore chest and temperature now for 3 days and slightly sore eyes.   Another week, another hopefully false Coronavirus alarm though can truly tell?  It’s quite amazing I think that on days like this I would normally be … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 35 – You can’t fix stupid!

I’ve made a few mistakes in the last few days.  The first one was having grown tired of having my new house full of rubbish that can’t be disposed of, I decided to put some art up on the walls … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 33 – Waste Not, Want Not

Yesterday was a bit of a momentous day for me.  The giant skip that had been blocking my window to the world was finally taken away after almost 8 weeks.  The delay had been that a pneumatic part on the … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Diary 32 – Exploring Grims Dyke

Following on from my post on Monday and indeed April and March, I thought I would finish off this walk with a visit to Grims Dyke.   Grims Dyke is an iron age or possible older earthworks that at one time … Continue reading

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