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The Idiots guide to Greece, Euro problems and defaulting on debt.

Granted this might not be the most exciting titled blog I’ve ever written but it is probably the one that makes most sense.  I’ve decided to write my easy to understand guide to Greece and the Euro based on common-sense … Continue reading

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Beauty & The Beast – Double Standards in Ancient Greece

Standards of beauty have always changed through the years and from country to country.  What is fashionable in one time and place may not be in the other.  Whilst today is most Western countries it is considered trendy to sport … Continue reading

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Q & A with blogger, author and all round nice gal Ekaterina Botziou

This weekend sees my birthday and as such I thought I’d do something a little different with blog to celebrate by spending some online time with one of my favourite bloggers, Ekaterina Botziou. Ekaterina isn’t your typical blogger and author … Continue reading

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