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Paying respects to King Harold II of 1066 fame… a family member

As beautiful as Waltham Abbey Church is and it’s impressively large gardens and ruins outside it; for myself at least it is not the main reason to have always wanted to visit the place. For Waltham Abbey is said to … Continue reading

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I’ve just had my DNA tested

I’ve always wanted to have my DNA tested and short of getting myself arrested, it seemed the best way to do this was to pay for one of those home-delivery kits. It must be said that I know quite a … Continue reading

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Paying homage at the Thiepval Memorial to family and strangers alike.

During my trip to the WW1 battlefields in September there were a number of places I wanted to visit for the first time and just as many as I wanted to revisit after a gap of several years. Thiepval though … Continue reading

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WW1: A nation remembers, a family grieves.

With the war memorial services of the last week, I thought that I would share just one or two of several family photos related to WW1. Though I already knew of many of their stories, I did quite a bit … Continue reading

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A belated summer holiday

Yesterday we went on our summer holiday a little bit out of season due to my work circumstances or rather lack of them!!  We like to have at least 1 week a year in the countryside and this year have … Continue reading

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A casualty of war, shot down by The Red Baron

Almost everyone has a family member who died in a 20th Century war, most of us unfortunately have several whether we know their names or not. I know of several, mostly from WW1. During a trip to my parents house … Continue reading

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